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Whatever I do

Wherever I am and No matter what I tell myself .. I keep being confused about my own self.

I have zillions of flaws and even tho I tend to think that people like me for my flaws ( I mean for what else?) I am quite puzzled by this statement.

I mean i'm over talkative, I tend to be quite terrible..

and Oddly, and according to quite a few people .. Rude.



Being Rude has been one of my worst fear.. I always tried to adapt myself to the folks, to the country, to the culture.. and you know dear reader how much I have traveled !

And Yet, People always kept telling me  I was rude .. mostly because I was French .. let's empathize on the weight of stereotypes.. because even the people that hate that you apply such things on them, actually do apply them on you.

So the other night, we Had a biiiiig discussion ( okie let's say argument) on calling one's friends names.. okie okie okie

I am guilty !

When I love someone I will a wide range of very funny and creative names, and they can happen to be lil bit offending at times.

so it goes from sweetie, queenie, lil pie, to bitch, hoe, sugar pussy ..

What happened is that I offended a friend. I know and she said it that coming from me it wasn't really an insult or anything, or so she didn't take it that way. HOWEVER, I got very offended to be qualified as rude( again).

So many things, folks do in general and in front of me are just plain rude to me !! Do I ever comment? Do I ever complain ? or criticize? Or even dare say something about it?

I always try to be fair and open minded.. I know I can speak up way too much and I have very broad limits( and almost no taboos) but it's also in my personality to be a lil bit provocative ;)

And so I always respected differences, sexual, educational , cultural ... or tried to.. But Now, I've kinda reached my limits.

The american by being hores and in the same tight asses.

The swedes by spliting all around and having no right behavior when it comes to the table's pleasures.

The french by pretending to be over judgmental and never do what they expect the others to do.


That night, I ended up defending all the sluts in the world, because YES, who are we to judge them? Who said "slut" wld be a bad word? arent women free to do whatever they want? to have sex as much as they want? with whoever they want? So why being slutty would be considered as an insult? Why are they judging?

I am rarely upset but this " rude " comment, mostly comming from the swedes, just piss me off.  That's like if only They knew how to behave and as long as you do not do like them it is wrong..

And if only they were judging only in sweden but No .. I remember that Swedish untolerant woman writing on her blog about her french husband ( of course writing in swedish in case he would like to know what she writes) and criticizing him for eating nutella and then critizing every french for running not the right way for eating sugar and blabla ..

Doesn't she know that the french have almost the same rate of obesity as the swedes? that they actually live longer and THAT they're happier ( let's remember that sweden has one of the hight suicide's rate)...

ARGH just by writing about it .. i'm getting angry ... I am like " rack off bitch who are you to judge me?" who??