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the Tektonik style

I know a lot of my readers arent french :) a lot .. ok i empathize :)

same player, play again ..

i know someof my readers arent french ( and worst , they  'rent even ashamed of it) ..whatever...

since some years like two or somthing ok maybe three. a lot of young people ( and unfortunately it seems i was already too old for that) started to dance what is called tektonik..

tektonik is like a mixture of several dances which gives a rl unique dance..

boys ( mostly) but girls ( yah some) too started to dance it on school's courts, just outside of schools, the oldest in clubs ..They 're easy to recognize .. 

well, they keep the make up only for big occasions ( thank god)..
and girls look like this :
with more or less make up but usually more flashy colors..
i know in europe we do have several tribes of youngs like the japanese styled emos ,  the gothics, the " fashion" people, the hippies and a lot of others.. even tho it's much less divided that it seems to be..
yet the tektonik guys became really popular in France and the french speaking neighboors..
i mean even tho i think it shows ( obviously) an evident lack of taste .. the dance style is kinda amazing ( and really sporty) and even it looks kinda gayish too ( wellllll i'm not gonna say i think all that guys are gays buuuuuuut it's kinda related to metrosexual people lol)
it's really amazing to see them dancing :à ( and actually it's always better than to see them taking drugs :)
  so this little video clip shows u a bit how it looks like :) 
and the second videoclip is from the singer of the song u can hear in the first video :)
Yelle :)
that i personally like :)
i mean she has really raw feminist lyrics :)  and a style that noone else have in France ( dunno whylol)
but it's just cool :)  
  so enjoy it




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