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Some Folks are born to shut up

...and sit behind the desk would tell ya Lene.


And in a lot of ways , she would be totally right !! I mean since i'm living in Sweden I have been quite amazed by the swedish behavior and the fear of boredom or worst "being boring".

Let's face a fact, before anything else, the swedes are one of the most boring nation ever.

Truly !! You should honestly believe me ! Whoever they appear to be abroad, it ISNT what they are really. Abroad they are nice, friendly and even appear to be open minded... I can so imagine some patriotic swedes coming here and criticizing anything I could be speaking about ! like they have one of the higher living ranks blablablABLALALA !!! it is just songs to my ears .. I am here, i'm objective and always have been.

I read that article when i moved to sweden, and the swedish author Helena Frith-Powell , just describe everything in a so accurate way that it is impossible to not face these facts. ANYONE  that lived in sweden for enough time, that faced the swedish culture, and the swedes in general ( living there without meeting any swede is very easy !!) wld agree with that... if they have just an inche of objectivity.

However, a contrario of the author, I would never blame it on the weather.. The Norwegians are not boring, the Finns either.. and the weather conditions arent that great there..




My problem here is that people are by nature so boring that they try their best to not sound/look/be boring.. which makes anything they do too obvious, too patho, too much in every way.

Being Boring here is like having the malaria..

The worst part is that you, dear foreigner, or even the few swedes that wld be reading, NEED To behave right !! and behaving right is behaving like the majority.. the notion of " lagom" is very very VERYY VERYYYYY important in sweden( this notion could be described as a kind of humility, modesty in other words, " be exactly like ur neighbor") . Even tho, to be honest, this notion is disappearing.. Mostly because they all soooo try to look alike, to do everything as everyone.. like going to thailand, getting drunk on fridays, drinkin a glass of wine while smoking a cigarette ( because this ISNT considered as boring). they all love to watch melodifestivalen and drink beer while going at an ice hockey game. Boring you said Boring? I say Killing..

and if you ever speak about to a swede ( like a rl swede that never lived abroad.. cause I know very open minded swedes ! ( but oddly they all lived abroad for a while ..) they would think that you're just a foreigner that shouldnt live here if you dont appreciated what sweden has to offer..

The worst being that there are good things in this country, the amazing landscapes, the cute snow falls, their ability to be polite whatever happens.. I just wished the swedes would be as they appear to be abroad.


the swe behavior or la mauvaise éducation

684256171.gifi wont deny all the good sides of the swe ...

this had to be said :)

yet, this my blog, and i like complaining about things ( and we wont deny neither that this is my right ahaha my duty)  

so, coming from france put you in such good disposition for liking the swe... from France, the swedish are one of the only nation that you have the right to like ( it's like just 2 nations all over the world), the swe are said to be healthy , nature-lovers, polite and well the most beautiful people of the world ...

well,i wont deny that neither .. but i would add several things to it ..

let's see the first part, the " healthy" swedish ..

for the average swe, being healthy means eating "good" food and to do exercise..of course i agree with that notion.. in France we are healthy to according to that definition !!

However...  "exercise" and "good food" really diverge...

the swedish for most of them only drink what we call café au lait  ( coffee and milk) which is really not good for the stomach and i dont even speak about the taste ..

a typical swe breakfast is composed of a kind of acid liquid cheese ( une sorte de fromage blanc acide)  on muesli ( without nuts of course).. it can vary with the addition of hard bread ( genre krispolls) with butter and turkey on it ..

" sweet" is an unknown word outta there ..

of course, the swe are really judgmental and if you dare, sorry , DARE, eating you white bread with butter and marmelade with your warm milk chocolate, they will just look at you as if you were coming from another planet ..

for t he big days of the year like christmas or easter or whatever , they use to eat raw fish ( often with a kind of cream) potatoes, and of course salmon ( to that you willoften be able to find shrimps and a lot of sea food)...

all of it would be ok if they were not judging everything you can eat ...Nutella is considered as evil in that country .. they seem to not know that eating can be a pleasure, that you can eat healthy by eating anything you want ( if you do control it) that a spoon of olive oil wont ruin your everyday-diet ( actually it 's even good for health)...

Sweden country of Gastronomy? no way .. most of them just have no taste.

what about the physical activity or so called : exercise??

anytime you go to have a little promenade along the water, you' ll see people running like crazy rabbits .. i have nothing against that..if they wanna run for nothing except ruining their back and their feet, that's t heir problem.. it becomes a probleme when you dont run yourself..

the swedish are really REALLY very Very judgmental ( u got me?) dont run and u're considered as a fat ass, dont eat what they consider as healthy food and you're a fat ass.. no exception ! they dont do excersise to be healthy but to look fit ( see the nuance?) and by the way if you are really skin over here, like close to be called mister bone itself or like the god of all anorexic people , they will think you're ok ! being fat is a sin ( or just over weight huh) but being skin is GOOD ! 

they're that judgmental because they tend to be for most of them as deep as the paris Hilton's nails..  if you wanna know what being superficial means.. Sweden is THE country made for you ! 

i will speak about their "mode" or so called fashion in english in another article...