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I am International

Heal the worrrllldd !!!! Make it a better placeeee... For ya and for me and the entire human race ( credits goes to michael J.)


There is something extra in my life !
I mean there are plenty of extra things in my life..
Gawd i feel you're already so not following the rip i'm saying ..
ANyway !
I always had " international friends".. you know like people that don't come from the same land,territory, country, part of the world, planet (?) as you.
Yeah these people do exist ! Plus, i always thought it was very good to broaden my mind, my spirit, my soul .. amen !

Of course, i always lived " abroad" and then it was prolly easier for me to make these kind of friendships than most of the folks..

But.. come on .. with internet you can make friends all over the world nowadays.. so no .. actually.. if you do not have any international friends.. shame on you .. burn in hell .. and go throw some petroleum on your self !!! i'll bring the lighter !

Let's go "in" the subject so !

The very good thing about these specific friends is that they have a different view of the world and often very diff interests..

And in a lot of ways it forces us to know about all these subjects .. because if they're friends , we actually do care about them !

This week was quite amazing tho.

photo_1270786070431-10-0.jpgMy friend MTD ( she will so recognize herself) had to cancel our special " french raclette dinner" because of the Revolution in kirghizstan ( yeah i know dear reader that you prolly dont give a shit about that country and that you surely didnt know there were a country named that way ) it's a country in asia and an ex urss satellite. You definitively google it ( go get culture !!!)




Then, in the sad news, APR, told me about the death of the evil twin kaczynski.. ex president of poland ( yeah let's face it , he is death now) that is sad and i never wish the death of anybody .. but i did'nt like the guy or at least his policies so even tho the loss is bad for him and the 132 others passengers, let's get optimistic for the future of Poland.. and No i don't believe in the conspiracy theory( cf linked to the russians).

You can actually check apr comments on Here ! she is the one living in stockholm so you can't miss her ;)

Nice testimony ;)


but let's go back to some more happy news .. Because Honestly and you know me, death and serious subjects .. are sooooo over for me lol i mean it's so 2001 !

turkisk.jpgSo thanks to my international friends I also know that the 'turkish yaourt ' is using the picture of a greek man ( that is sueing the company here in sweden) Yeah Because you know even tho they quite look alike and they do have the same kind of dances and food .. they're different and they usually dont like each other...





BUT Thanks to your special friends, you also even learn things from where you live !  and so Christina, one of my very old friend from OZ told me about the swedish prince !  Carl Philip , who is basically doing nothing of his life, is dating Sofia Hellqvist a big pin up trashy girl  ;) CarlPhilipSofia.jpg

I liked to read in aftonbladet ( a swedish "newspaper" that you can check online by the way here ) how embarrasing it would be for Sweden if the stupid useless swedish prince brings the horny reality tv show girl at the wedding of the daddy's girl , soon to be queen, Victoria the 19th of june.

Victoria is kind tho, useless too, but at least she can speaks .. not like her dad .. or her mom ...

But gosh she is gonna marry that guy .. geez christ ..

Then no wonder Sweden is going well hahah


But so, I could keep going on the obamacare, on the romanian eurovision entry, on the thai food, ...  you prolly got my point like 45 mns ago !

I like that in a few days you get infos on so many countries and in so many different areas ;)

You should add to this, that you often try food from their countries (you can never pronounce it anyway) like i love that polish thing with potatoes and some kind of meat inside ! i also love that greek food with the cheese that u do in the oven ! ANd i adore the food made by Keti from Georgia ( not the us state) with kind of garlikish auberginas yuuumms !!

So, people broad your mind! Broad your circle of friends ! Get new ones!  Get them coming from far away ! get them different ! Your life will get so much better ;)



Svensk Mode or the lack of fashion sense

ahlala swedish girls ;)


ahalalala swedish guys !!

who could resist that blond tall folks?? usually quite fit with that bright shiny teeth ..

Ken and barbie in a barbie's world ! Even tho i found that picture online, i Could honestly tell you that i see that kind of girls quite everyday .. No discussion about that !

I won't keep on going with their psychotic issues with being healthy( and looking superficially fake) !

Because I'm here to chat about another topic..

All over the world we can buy stuff from swedish fashion industries.. like h/M, but also Tiger and Acné.. Even tho we would all admit that this isn't high fashion it remains that these brands are quite popular.

PLUS I would never deny that the price is attractive ( even I spend tons of kronor in h/m and stuff) however I tend to mix my clothes and have my personal style. But we are not here to speak about me and I shldnt even start to justify myself in previsions of being attacked by nationalist swe jerks..

My problem here is I guess related to the " lagom" concept.. this concept is more of a social/psycho concept than a fashion one though. It Basically means that you're as good as anyone else but that you have to be humble and modest (Something that the swedes forgot to be with time passing). Anyway, this concept kinda adapted itself to the behavior and the fashion. In Sweden (the most boring place in the world according to the swedes themselves (and some foreigners haha)) the hidden rule is "be like everyone else", this means that if the mode is about having fake platinium hair, YOu will have to have that ! But not because everyone has it, just because "you" think is nice ! ( yeah the swedes don't have the ability to think by themselves.. nor are able to recognize it).P08-01-10_19.10[01].JPG

And then you end up dating clones. I do remember my ex, he was cute and stuff but fashion??? nah.. i couldn't distinguish him from other swedes when i was looking at the backs .. and believe me it's quite a ill at ease moment to notice that you almost grab an ass and it wasn't yours !!! hum ( yeah i don't kiss with an audience but i easily grab asses !!beware !!)

And so, on streets, you will see exactly the same fashion than on shops ( earrings included for girls and hats included for guys). Like I Mean, my BFF " apr"  does buy a lot in h/m, gina tricot and cie, However she always end up looking glam and sexy ! matters of knowing how to wear clothes and having a style of fashion.So she never ends up being clothed like that ===>P08-01-10_19.13.JPG

the lack of fashion sense.. that's what bothers me here.

i'm showing you examples for females but it is like worst for guys or almost.

But then, even tho they are dressed like geeks and losers they would keep thinking that they're fashion.. simply incredible and pathos..

Because some of them try to be original .. but then it just turns out to be quite burlesque..



and so you can admire people wearing that kind of stuff .. very rainbowesque too ..

and for guys when you don't see a clonesque Ken (very similar to the other twentyfive thousands others) you gonna be able to look at the second tendance here..


the nerdy Britishish kinda look ..


very 80's.. very ugly.. actually quite ashaming..


it is a kind of ..like...a coco chanel's mantra.. the bigger the glasses are the more you'll have a small head ... and the more u'll look like a fly too .. and then u just feel that you might have walked on a doggypoo ( but now you remember you're not in southern europe) and so you just start to wonder what is ( or isnt) up there in their brains..

I do think that someone should teach them what is called being soberly dressed ..(empathize on soberly)



Ingenting Du Säger

...det går jag på !

Ingenting du gör nu kan jag förstå...

Så lyssna vad jag säger bara som det är NU och Här !

Jag är säker på att du erkänt som sagt den här meningen .. en av mina favorit sångare Carola.

Jag har alltid älskat den här låten! fÖr rytm .. för röst .. för styrka .. men för det budskap också.

Mitt ex, faktiskt berättade mig att den här låten verkligen var jag. (Bra han sa också att om "if i was a punk rocker") men jag håller på båda.

Som punkrockare sång, jag är en slags nostalgisk personlighet .. Jag bor med beklagar men jag är en evig optimist! Jag älskar livet och försöker få ut det bästa av det!

Innen som "Ingenting du säger" jag är också en smärta i röven, jag är envis och jag är en slags kinda kontroll freak . Jag är en sann "Worrying Kind" och så mitt mål i livet är att undvika att bli orolig. Jag vet att människor inte får det oftast, men vad kan jag göra?

oke Jag kanske ska hålla på engelska eftersom min svenska är inte perfekt och jag har inte så många svenska läsare något mer haha.


Some Folks are born to shut up

...and sit behind the desk would tell ya Lene.


And in a lot of ways , she would be totally right !! I mean since i'm living in Sweden I have been quite amazed by the swedish behavior and the fear of boredom or worst "being boring".

Let's face a fact, before anything else, the swedes are one of the most boring nation ever.

Truly !! You should honestly believe me ! Whoever they appear to be abroad, it ISNT what they are really. Abroad they are nice, friendly and even appear to be open minded... I can so imagine some patriotic swedes coming here and criticizing anything I could be speaking about ! like they have one of the higher living ranks blablablABLALALA !!! it is just songs to my ears .. I am here, i'm objective and always have been.

I read that article when i moved to sweden, and the swedish author Helena Frith-Powell , just describe everything in a so accurate way that it is impossible to not face these facts. ANYONE  that lived in sweden for enough time, that faced the swedish culture, and the swedes in general ( living there without meeting any swede is very easy !!) wld agree with that... if they have just an inche of objectivity.

However, a contrario of the author, I would never blame it on the weather.. The Norwegians are not boring, the Finns either.. and the weather conditions arent that great there..




My problem here is that people are by nature so boring that they try their best to not sound/look/be boring.. which makes anything they do too obvious, too patho, too much in every way.

Being Boring here is like having the malaria..

The worst part is that you, dear foreigner, or even the few swedes that wld be reading, NEED To behave right !! and behaving right is behaving like the majority.. the notion of " lagom" is very very VERYY VERYYYYY important in sweden( this notion could be described as a kind of humility, modesty in other words, " be exactly like ur neighbor") . Even tho, to be honest, this notion is disappearing.. Mostly because they all soooo try to look alike, to do everything as everyone.. like going to thailand, getting drunk on fridays, drinkin a glass of wine while smoking a cigarette ( because this ISNT considered as boring). they all love to watch melodifestivalen and drink beer while going at an ice hockey game. Boring you said Boring? I say Killing..

and if you ever speak about to a swede ( like a rl swede that never lived abroad.. cause I know very open minded swedes ! ( but oddly they all lived abroad for a while ..) they would think that you're just a foreigner that shouldnt live here if you dont appreciated what sweden has to offer..

The worst being that there are good things in this country, the amazing landscapes, the cute snow falls, their ability to be polite whatever happens.. I just wished the swedes would be as they appear to be abroad.


Swedish Country :))) hell yah


Dolly Parton the goddess of the country music had a concert in stockholm and another one in sweden.. we know that in the north they love country music more than in the south ..

Yet, we do also have french country singers :) yeyes :) i'll show it to u some other day :)

Today i would like to let u discover Jill Johnsson, she lives in Boras and well is an amazing country singer :)

( as you can see on the video clip :)

so well enjoy it :)



a week-end at Enköping

In case, u didnt notice, it's holidays' time :) 
So, as Johan one of the best friends of SthlmBoi invited us in his summer house, we decided to move our asses for a nice week end :) 
the house looks so tiny but actually it's quite huge :) 
i really loved it :) 
that's not really in enkoping, that's more like in the countryside near enkoping :) 
DSC02496.JPG so we had a nice barbie time ( barbecue) 
boys have been cooking ( yah not me of course i'm french i dont cook i just taste :) 
this is the official picture of boys cooking :) with sthlmboi and johan :) 
a bit posy no?
 DSC02492.JPGyah this is the right picture :)
Johan was the chef :) sthlmboi is sthlmboi lol 
i mean it's better for all of us that he doesnt cook LOL
 no but i did reallyenjoyed the food ( i love barbecues) and the guys :)
and the chef even cooked a nice meringue that we ate with wipped cream and strawberries :) 
who said the swedes cant cook ? me?? nahhhh :) okie some swedes can obvisouly cook eatable food ( actually it was really yummy)
well i just love holidays :) 
and at night we watched ( bbcfood what the hell is wrong with us??) and an american movie.. 
the american movie was just funy cause like 15% of it was in french.. all the rest in english and the whole with swedish subtitles..
vouivoui i like to take the tv in picture.. why not lol 
it's for the science :) to show you how fun it can be to watch television :) 


Ingrid Betancourt is Free !!





This is the best news of the month, or so of the year :)

you can see on my blog on the right side a little banner for Ingrid Betancourt, as i doubt u know who she is...this french colombian woman was kept by the Farcs ( the marxist independant army) since more than 6 years.She was the candidate for the green party  in the colombian presidential elections when she was caught.  She missed the life of her children and lived in hell ..anyway now is the past and NOW she is FREE !!

all the negociations tempted during the years failed, all the "missions" sent by the french government, the old jacquot one or the one of the dwarf  in the spring.. alllll failed..


Uribe Alvaro finally made it.. oh well.. surely helped by the americans.. i do personally think the mission was made to save the americans and ingrid just has been lucky :) but then i'm so happy for her and for her family :)

Finally :)

What a relief :)

 i hope now that she will recover of her disease and of that years of jails..



Le Mythe Suedois/ the swedish myth

Hello i'm sorry but this article will not be in english for some reasons .. as sthlmboi said, it's a french blog and who else than a swedish can remind me to never, oups sorry, NO NO NEVER, write in english if you're french .. that's a rule !! but then , this is mostly a bunch of stats about sweden and european countries.. to break that swedish fake myth :) well you can still try to translatagooogle it :) i'm sure it's possible :)
allons-y franco et gaiement :)
Suite a un article de la divine blonde heu Lyly , lisible ici, qui reflete bien la pensée majoritaire en France d'un naif sentiment de beatitude envers ce pays qu'est la suede, je me suis retrouvé face a une décision..
me mettre a dos mon copain en vous parlant de ce que j'ai pu voir, analyser de son pays ( ainsi que 8 millions 999 compatriotes ahaha) c'est une chose dangereuse a faire.. car ne nous leurrons pas, lorsqu'on dit d'un français qu'il est chauviniste.. la definition de cette notion ne prend son sens que lorsqu'on rencontre des suedois chauvinistes.. en fait des suedois tout court ( ils le sont quasi tous, chauvinistes, pas suedois lol).
 J'avais commencer par poster deux articles sur des sujets spécifiques a la suede, dont un etait sur les etudes:) mais la je vais faire un article en reponse a ma chére Lyly :) 
Tout d'abord, des artistes suedois.. tu en connais deja plein :) the cardigans , neneh cherry, eagle-eye cherry, bon bien sur abba, mais aussi kent, roxette, puis yavait aussi ace of base...
et ce n'est pas une liste exhaustive..
mais de nos jours et dans les charts tu trouveras de grande diva du genre la super star suedoise Carola
ou encore le petit Danny de popstar 2006 je crois :)

et pis pour le fun la tres connue Lena Ph :)


ça c'etait pour la culture musicale :) bien sur, c'est ce qui se rapproche le plus de mes gouts, aprés comme en france, yen a pour tout le monde :)  oui ya meme du rap ...

alors parlons peu mais parlons bien :)

L'idh,  la suede se place en 6eme position relativement loin derriere l'islande, le canada, ou meme l'irlande :) et a peu de chose pres devant la France.. la suede n'est donc pas un eldorado :)

10.10% des suedois sont obeses contre 11.30% en France... les taux sont ici ,donc oui vous verrez autant de personnes bien en chair ici qu'en France, par contre ils ont l'air bcp bcp plus gros ici ( je n'ai jamais vu de vrais "obese" en france et je vivais dans une grande ville :) petite précision: il faut dire qu'en France les gens te juge beaucoup plus qu'ici, non je dis des conneries lol  ils te jugent autant ici mais le montrent moins ( mais faut les entendre dire que victoria beckham est trop grosse.. ça coupe le soufle) mais les gros et grosses se camouflent plus en France qu'en Suéde.. 

la consommation de drogue est plus grande en Suede que dans beaucoup d'autres pays , a verifier ici  ... les sources sont inscrites sur les cartes :) 

1.jpgquant au taux de pauvreté...  

oui oui j'ai vu des mendiants certes moins qu'en France mais j'en ai vu :)

et on commence aussi a avoir les petits n'enfants a macdo qui viennent te reclamer du fric ou de la bouffe .. pareil dans le métro :)


mais en gros, cela se passe de commentaires .. admirez plutot la carte


 CMPSOS05311.GIFquant au taux de criminalité.. admirez plutot

 ceci etant extrait de l'INSEE...bien entendu je ne vous parle meme pas du taux de viol qui est dans tous les cas atroces mais carrement haut pour un pays dit si civilsé..( et les immigrants sont le plus accusés de viol, bien entendu)...

un blog interessant avec un article sur le "crime rate" par mr fjordman ( bien entendu il donne ses sources).

pour ce que je me souviens de mes cours de droit, les crimes sont aussi differents.. par exemple vous avez plus de chances de vous faire voler ou cambrioler en France mais plus de chance de vous faire trucider en Suede..

il y a genre deux ou trois mois, a Vasteras une petite ville toute sympatique, plusieurs meres avec des enfants se sont faites tuées a plusieurs reprises ( oui les enfants avec).. 

genre un mois avant ça une jeune fille s'etait faite massacré par un autre jeune a mora un village en direction de la norvege..

quelques temps avant un jeune avait tué je ne sais combien de personnes dans le sud de la suede ..

 Alors s'il vous plait arretez de vous leurrer ...

le fait est que la Suéde est un pays sympatique au demeurant, enfin tout autant que la France ou l'Allemagne d'ailleurs :)  ça n'est pas plus calme ou autre, il ya bcp de paysages sympa mais autant qu'ailleurs :) ( comme les moustiques d'ailleurs)

quant au 1er ministre faut etre aveugle ou ne pas regarder la tv suedoise pour ne pas le voir dans les news .. Fredrik ReinfeldtFredrik_Reinfeldt_during_Stockholm_Pride_2007.jpg qui est ma foi tout a fait sympatique meme si une gentille dadame le remplacera bientot surement :)


Ensuite, il faut aussi prendre en compte que la Suede n'aura jamais vraiment les meme problemes que la France pour plusieurs raisons :)  l'une etant, pour faire simple, la demographie :) 9 millions contre 64 millions :)

Quant a la dite neutralité suedoise, ça me fait bien rire :)  d'ailleurs ils n'aiment pas en parler :) beaucoup beaucoup de suedois ont collaboré dont sous entendu le gouvernement :)

oui la suede ce n'est pas la Norvége :)


j'ai aussi lu un truc genre ils seraient plus heureux :) mais leur taux de suicide est proche de l'angleterre pour ce que je m'en souviens :)


cet  article n'est pas finit mais là je vais me coucher :)







les suédois et les études universitaires

684256171.gifvoila un sujet que je me devais d'aborder :)

et en français :) hein parcequ'il  y a des petits malins qui critiquent( forcemment) qu'un blog français soit ecrit en anglais ...

mouais ! quelle vision étriquée du monde !

donc  bien entendu je parlerai de ce que je connais c'est a dire l'université de stockholm.. qui fait partie des 200 meilleures du monde !! voui voui ma bonne dame !

 tout d'abord nous nous devons de parler du rapport prof-étudiant :

Bien qu'appeller son prof karin ou françoise ou peu importe son prénom ( pff Torbjorn mdrr sans rire) je trouve ça grotesque et d'une familiarité sans borne ... je dois admettre que ça a un coté sympa .. ici, les profs tu leurs fais quasi la bise ( deja fait voui voui) tu les interpellent comme si vous aviez garder les cochons ensemble et joie et bonheur, tu disposes de leur emails professionnels mais aussi leur tel prof et perso !

alors le coté positif c'est que du coup les profs sont plutot cools et ils demandent enormmennnnt de "feedback" soit dit "votre avis" ... et puis tu peux arriver a la bourre, leur raconter pleins de bobards, il suffit d'avoir l'air sincere et ils gobent tout :) 

magnifique :) les points en moins pour les devoirs en retard, ils ne connaissent pas non plus ...

ensuite les cours suedois ce n'est pas comme les cours français .. pas d'amphis blindés avec un prof qui s'en fout de ce que vous pensez ( et reciproquement)... les cours suedois sont " participatif" voui voui : d'ailleurs avec du bol vous aurez toujours quelques brittish qui poseront des questions méga palpitantes au prof... qui y repondra avec un interet non dissimulé (malheureusement).

Mais revenons-on au schmlblik ... ici pas de cours a la pelle genre 80 heures par semaines en amphi et je ne parle meme pas des tds !!

ici comme en france les cours magistraux sont en majorité facultatif..et ça tombe bien vu qu'il y en a genre un par semaine !

et oui en suéde on prend le temps de vivre ! on vous diras " oui mais il faut travailler a coté" !! mais ma bonne dame en France il faut AUSSI travailler a coté ! tu penses ça aurait été trop facile !

Donc en gros en suéde vous vous retrouver avec une matiere pour deux mois donc un semestre ça vaut genre 2 matieres ! bien evidemment il est possible ,selon vos envies, de suivre une autre matiere en meme temps :) 

certes par contre malgré les libertés, il faut un travail regulier ( oui oui la participation pendant vos deux heures de td par semaine en tiendra compte). Il faut cependant noter que selon les classes( matieres) le boulot a la maison est plus ou moins verifiés et la masse de lecture est vraiment considerable ( la ou en France on nous mache un peu le travail).

mais pour resumer on travaille en fait differemment... j'ai appris beaucoup plus de chose en étudiant en France qu'en suéde.. ça c'est chose sure..et beaucoup plus travailler aussi .. mais paradoxalement j'ai plus aimé etudier ici et j'ai pu plus exprimer mon intelligence en etudiant en suede qu'en France.

ne nous leurrons pas , en France il faut surtout montrer qu'on sait ! pas vraiment qu'on a compris a quelques exceptions prés.. en suede c'est plutot le contraire, on ne sait pas grand chose mais le peu que l'on sait on le comprend.

en definitive le systeme suedois semble, de maniere generale, plus cool  et plsu enclin a laisser epanouir votre personnalité là ou le systeme français est là pour vous inculquer du savoir et vous dresser a etre bien docile :)

d'un coté un systeme que je juge plutot laxiste et de l'autre un systeme élitiste a l'excés..  

NB: je ne suis pas étudiant ERASMUS <=== et ceci est vraiment a prendre en consideration :) les erasmus et j'en connais des centaines sont surtout de gros glandeurs qui ne font que se beurrer la tête en pretendant decouvrir une nouvelle culture :)  


Miss B or an american girl in sweden

Miss B.
I do remember at the beginning of the year, when i was alone and soooo lonely ... *sad memories* Miss B. has always been smiling.
I cant say that the swedish people are  my favorite people on the world .. actually far away from it ..
sure with some exceptions (huh)
for Miss B, it's the whole contrary, she loooooovess the swe :) no idea why .. some kinda of american thing lol
( surely).
i know what u thought when u looked at the pic, oh my god a texan girl, and even if she looks reallyyyy like a confederate girl ( oh my gosh)  she is just from Kansas :) ( u can notice that it sounds like texas)
Miss B. represents the best of the american, open minded, really perky ( ohh) noooo she is just sweet !)
and she has such a nice american accent :)
 it took me some time to really know her but i can say that she is one of my best meeting in sweden :)
at the beginning i mostly noticed only her hair lol well she always sit  in the front of the classroom ( sooooo seriiiouuus) and as you can imagine,i never oh my god never sit over there :) first because i could see what the teacher shows and second because the teachers could hear me speaking and speaking .. but so, as you see in the picture, she has long wavy hair (the color is properly not clear)and so on i tended to think she was promoting l'oreal shampoos with such shiny hair :) 
well i always loved american or at least most of them ( and this doesnt have to be related to the american govmnt).
 however it's rare for me to find people with the same " cutie" side , if u see what i mean :) 
and i have to admit that since i know her , i cant wait to visit kansas ( what the hell):)
then, in a short time she became a real good friend of mine and i'm really happy with it :) ( and well i wldnt go that often in class if she wasnt there lol) 
u can visit her blog here :)