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Davinette is a Freakazoid

AHLALa Do you remember freakazoid? I mean one of my fav hero !! ( yeah Pinky and the Brain are also my heroes).
Well i know a kind of freaky boy too ..
I mean he isnt really freaky .. or yes.. he actually is.
His lil name is Davinette ( parceque ça rime avec savonette, sucette et branlette) and because i love when names end with "ette" ;) it always sounds so sexual ! like " anette" that sexy german hoe ! or Cosette the french slut .. yeah usually it's more of a girl thing.. But dave doesnt mind anything.. he is patient and mature and sooooooooo many other things !
Frankly i think he got the anal disease .. yeah i do not remember the name but it had " anal" inside.. you know when you can not feel the pain !! like something happened in the nervous system and then you can fucking loose your arm and you won't feel it ( freaking cool nah?)
ANYWAY, stop distracting me ! So i kinda like speaking to him, he is like bringing the best outta me ( hahahahahahahAHHAHAHA) or not but anyway i like it !
the weird thing is that we always end up having weird convos !
I mean like for ex today !
we were talking about our death and how we would like to be burried and stuff..
i MEan IT .. for my funeral .. i want tears ! i want pain !! i want DRAMA !!
Nellix TOLD me that she wld do her roman job .. like cry like a sicilian mother for hours, fall on the ground, swear names and all !
I like the idea of people having pain (even tho it would be fake , who cares? me i wld be dead !!)
I still dunno where i would be burried tho .. so many places and stuff..
i just know i will NEVER give my bloody hot body to the science.. they can all die that bast***ds!
Oh and i chose the theme of my funeral ( with the tears and stuff) i want to have a song too ! it would be
"ooups i did it again" yeah because till the end i'll be a pain for your ears !!
and i know deep inside folks would miss my nasal voice !
I know  i know i know ( everything !!)
However, i often think about my death .. i mean that's nt like i plan to live forever.. i think i will die young and i have no problem with it ( as long as u fucking bastards all cry and will be torn by the pain of having lost me).

But there is a sure point !! no cremation for me .. For fuck sake i'm not a jew trying to escape A*******z ! ( for tight asses i have a very dark humour and if you're reading it it means you're not look for anything politically correct anyway).. I mean i know my parents for ex wanna be cremated... and put both ashes in the same container.. i mean okie i don't mind it ! and it's a personal choice ! and  I honestly still think that it is way better than just "spread it with the wind" <=== romantic?? nahhh gross !

Imagine I die tomorrow .. like smashed by a bus, or pealed off by a serial killer or who knows ! well how the people I know would know that? would someone go on my facebook and post it as a status" Cass G. is today dead. He didnt survived the overdose of chocolate" .. and who would take care of my body here? oh my god !

I tend to think that we can all die like tomorrow (or this afternoon) but how many of us have already planned their after death? Daya think it is kinda morbid? In what age should we consider writing our last will and testament?

Have you?

I didn't .. I mean i already told some people that if someday something happens all the important names are in the blue book !! yeah yeah that's the only blue thing in my place ( all the rest is pink haha) so find it and u'll know who to call and u'll have all my passwords and stuff for everything lol

OH FUNNY !!! if I die, please someone go to my facebook and other pages and play the ghost !! like " Cass g. is dead but still alive MUAHAHAH His spirit is in this chatroom " !! would be so funny !