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I have the right to Dream

This is what is called Bougna ( easy way to do it, in french, click here)  :) yummmy !!
it's  typical from New caledonia :) basically it's a lot of veggies cooked with coconut milk in banana's leaves.. yah :) typical i said :)
I decided to let u discover a bit the food from my island :)
i already spoke about the picnics and the kraft mayonnaise ( yummmyy) but we do have sooooo many other things :)
that you readers from the whole word, have no clue about !!
yah Miss, Madam and Mister i'm gonna show u the world.. or not :)
so the first thing( shit the second one) i would like to speak about is the achards ! what the hell is that cra, wouldnt u say my dearest and lovable reader !?!
yah my dear reader :) that's one of the most fabulous things on earth :) i know they do also eat that in reunion island ( isnt it Pingouine?? ahah i'm sure ur eyes just rolled on) :) its a lot of marinaded vegetables, with ginger,  trocas, and actually a lot of things :)
well its adapted in every countries :)  you can eat it with some see molluscs yummy :) 
i personally like to eat achards on my raw salmon :)
well of course i'm not gonna speak about all the food you could find ova there .. too hard too long and well i dont like to eats bats .. ( called the flying foxes) eww .. bad memories :)
so let's speak about candiiiies :)
well i dont have any pictures yet but soon :) my mom is sending me( yes yes she is) a package with some inside yummmmmyyyy well it's like an acidified dried plum .. but then it's done with a lot of different fruits :) and oddly each time i gave some to my european friends they have been spiting it .. ( barbarian !) 
there is also something from australia ( welllll) that i love  and i dont have any picture but it wld not be useful anyway .. its like a chocolat bottle.. but a special chocolat !! a magic one !!!!
so this chocolat becomes all hard in contact with the ice :)  and it tastes sooo goood :) i wish we had that in France or here ( i didnt find it yet)..
another thing is called Milo :) from nestlé :)
ahah my caledonian friends are surely dreaming about it too :) this chocolat is basically made for the morning milk-chocolate ... Yet, it doesnt dilute .. and it surely contains more sugar than chocolate anyway LOL
so most of us eat that with the spoon :) and as we say it's good for ur energy :)
yahh right :)  
we do even have our national beer :)DSCN2350.JPG
the NUMBER ONE !!! 
this beer is a  blond beer and well we just love it :)
( even tho we dont have so much choice between the fosters, 13 or heineken ..) lol
yah who didnt try it ..Have to try it lol