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Some News From New Caledonia

The good thing about being abroad is to live abroad ( deep thoughts this morning)..

the bad thing about being abroad is to be far away of your homeland, of you family and of the everything that make your everyday-life as perfect as it can be.. 

Thank God, you get some news, you keep talking on msn with ur mom ( essential) and you keep calling ( harassing) your little sister ( living in Paris) ...

And as your lovely mom loves you , sometimes she sends you packages :) 

YEEAHHHHHAAAAAAAA <=== non hidden joy :)

that's what we would call the caledonian survival kit :)

 inside of that survivial kit, u do have magic chocolate :) when u put it on ice cream it becomes hard :) magiiic :)

mayo kraft ( as i already spoke) milo, picnic :) 

yah a lot of food :) 

of course :) 

my mom is a mom :) she thinks food is feeding the heart :)

DSC02437.JPGso here we go with two bottles of achards :) i just love it :) i missed it so much :)

and i got a lot of other things like tricots rayés ( new caledonia brand) shirts  scarves :) DSC02435.JPG


DSC02445.JPG i also got books to cook my traditionnal food :) yupiii :)

which is so good cause my sister will soon be here and then we gonna be able to cook together :) 

I really miss my family and that's true that to get things like that make my life more sweet ( ahahah) 

i Mean i was speaking about it with some friends, the erasmus student leave their country and home for a year, us the expats,  no matter where u do come from, you come in a country for an undeterminated time .. but then as we say that's life :) 

and i'm lucky to have my sister not so far away :) 


I have the right to Dream

This is what is called Bougna ( easy way to do it, in french, click here)  :) yummmy !!
it's  typical from New caledonia :) basically it's a lot of veggies cooked with coconut milk in banana's leaves.. yah :) typical i said :)
I decided to let u discover a bit the food from my island :)
i already spoke about the picnics and the kraft mayonnaise ( yummmyy) but we do have sooooo many other things :)
that you readers from the whole word, have no clue about !!
yah Miss, Madam and Mister i'm gonna show u the world.. or not :)
so the first thing( shit the second one) i would like to speak about is the achards ! what the hell is that cra, wouldnt u say my dearest and lovable reader !?!
yah my dear reader :) that's one of the most fabulous things on earth :) i know they do also eat that in reunion island ( isnt it Pingouine?? ahah i'm sure ur eyes just rolled on) :) its a lot of marinaded vegetables, with ginger,  trocas, and actually a lot of things :)
well its adapted in every countries :)  you can eat it with some see molluscs yummy :) 
i personally like to eat achards on my raw salmon :)
well of course i'm not gonna speak about all the food you could find ova there .. too hard too long and well i dont like to eats bats .. ( called the flying foxes) eww .. bad memories :)
so let's speak about candiiiies :)
well i dont have any pictures yet but soon :) my mom is sending me( yes yes she is) a package with some inside yummmmmyyyy well it's like an acidified dried plum .. but then it's done with a lot of different fruits :) and oddly each time i gave some to my european friends they have been spiting it .. ( barbarian !) 
there is also something from australia ( welllll) that i love  and i dont have any picture but it wld not be useful anyway .. its like a chocolat bottle.. but a special chocolat !! a magic one !!!!
so this chocolat becomes all hard in contact with the ice :)  and it tastes sooo goood :) i wish we had that in France or here ( i didnt find it yet)..
another thing is called Milo :) from nestlé :)
ahah my caledonian friends are surely dreaming about it too :) this chocolat is basically made for the morning milk-chocolate ... Yet, it doesnt dilute .. and it surely contains more sugar than chocolate anyway LOL
so most of us eat that with the spoon :) and as we say it's good for ur energy :)
yahh right :)  
we do even have our national beer :)DSCN2350.JPG
the NUMBER ONE !!! 
this beer is a  blond beer and well we just love it :)
( even tho we dont have so much choice between the fosters, 13 or heineken ..) lol
yah who didnt try it ..Have to try it lol 


to save the caledonian lagoon

the caledonian lagoon is one of the biggest of the world with more than 700kms and one of its most beautiful of course :)

yet this heritage is in danger !

so help us to save it by signing this