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the famous Kelly Pickler

guys u know me .. i luv blonds :)
i also luv americans :)
so i just adore the fantastic Kelly :)
we cant say that she is completely stupid but then.. well geography was maybe not her fav subject in class :)
the fact is that now i like to joke about Hungary and Turkey  !! i'm Hungry of Turkeyyyy  lol and i feel it's soon thanksgiving too :)
Budapest?? i know they do speak french there ( jaaa she is a smart girl :) the whole word speak french :))
" is France a country?" ( nope we are the heavenish kingdom on earth u biatchh)
Bah, we should not criticize so much...when u know that a lot of french dunno how to place Dijon on a french Map ..
shame on us ( come back ophélyyyyy)