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a week-end at Enköping

In case, u didnt notice, it's holidays' time :) 
So, as Johan one of the best friends of SthlmBoi invited us in his summer house, we decided to move our asses for a nice week end :) 
the house looks so tiny but actually it's quite huge :) 
i really loved it :) 
that's not really in enkoping, that's more like in the countryside near enkoping :) 
DSC02496.JPG so we had a nice barbie time ( barbecue) 
boys have been cooking ( yah not me of course i'm french i dont cook i just taste :) 
this is the official picture of boys cooking :) with sthlmboi and johan :) 
a bit posy no?
 DSC02492.JPGyah this is the right picture :)
Johan was the chef :) sthlmboi is sthlmboi lol 
i mean it's better for all of us that he doesnt cook LOL
 no but i did reallyenjoyed the food ( i love barbecues) and the guys :)
and the chef even cooked a nice meringue that we ate with wipped cream and strawberries :) 
who said the swedes cant cook ? me?? nahhhh :) okie some swedes can obvisouly cook eatable food ( actually it was really yummy)
well i just love holidays :) 
and at night we watched ( bbcfood what the hell is wrong with us??) and an american movie.. 
the american movie was just funy cause like 15% of it was in french.. all the rest in english and the whole with swedish subtitles..
vouivoui i like to take the tv in picture.. why not lol 
it's for the science :) to show you how fun it can be to watch television :)