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A part of France in the americs

400 Years ago  The French betrayed the quebecois and the quebec became a free country ( ahah) at least free from the french ..
yet, they kept being french.
Nowadays we can say that the Canada is bilingual thanks to that little province :)
even tho they speak a different french and that well .. when they're speaking i dont get them ..
and that i also personally think their accent is just horrible ( yah i'm creep) blahh i like them.. that's extra funny to speak with quebec people or french canadian speaking 'cause they use so many old middled aged words.. they call a girlfriend a blond, they say " tabernacle" lol well it's just extra fun ( and we do wonder sometimes what they do speak about lol) 
this state is just full of hot sexy guys :)
well there is francophone ( french speakers) in other states like in new brusnwick( not sure but just beside quebec) and new scotland :) the acadians :)
one of my favorite french singer is so not french :) he is from new brunswick ..Roch Voisine :)
my god even tho he is married and with a child :) i'm still secretly thinkin he is gay :)
too hot to be straight :)
u know that :)
so i just wanted to grats my quebec fellows even tho i hate you guys :) and that i really prefer new scotland people :)( 40% of the population is french speaking outta there :) 
 i'm really glad u guys still speak a kind of french, and that u bring to us a lot of new artists like anthony kavanagh, linda lemay, celiiiinne :) et mon chéri roch voisine :)
( and so many others but i'm not listing people huh)
JUST to show u the difference of the accent :) watch the video .. ( u can notice the strong english/american accent on english words) the one holding the camera is french the one we watch is from quebec :) this video is just extra good :)
PS: i just think it's weird to hear sometimes american people saying they speak french when i cant understand them because they speak french with a strong quebecois accent ( add to that the american accent and it's just all mess up)