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I am Bored







and Seriously .. WHO THE FUCK gives a rip?

If there is something that with time passing didnt change on the wonderful webworld, it's the  friends or non friends, or buddies, or people u dont even know that keep telling ya " i'm bored".. Honestly ..

First of all .. let me tell you something ..

i'm not your mommy ! if you're bored, get a life, get a book, get something to do ! do I look like a clown or something ? am i paid to entertain you? and if I do it wld it be counted as a good action at the end of the day?

Secondo, How the damn can you be bored with our super busy lives? dont u have something to study? something to work on? someone to annoy ? I mean i do not get it !! I have issues to find time for myself and I dont feel i'm doing that much .. so how can you be bored?

Third, How the heck am i supposed to interpret that? like you're so bored and u know i'm super fun and always happy so i shld feel honored that u come to me and say " hey i'm bored"? or shld i feel insulted cause you're using me because u definitively have nothing else to do or noone else to speak with so that you come up with the idea that i'm better than nobody else and i'm your ultime solution?

I know that in sweden Boredom is like the plegue .. everybody just try to avoid being boring. Mostly cause everybody is desperately bored.

and they try to do crazy things thinkin that wld make them less boring and less bored . The two concepts are tho linked here .

Because being bored is also a state of mind and I don't get it that people my age or even younger ( and even more older) didnt get it . Dont people think nowadays? are people already bored of allllllllllll the stuff we could be doing?

I mean for fog sake ! How could i be bored when i have a thesis to finish, a rl job to find, friends to see, stuff to read, and ADD to this that i also wanna try stuff like elastic jump, sky div, travel the world, travel the town( haha) meet new people, find the soul mate, improve my home, watch new movies.. BORED BORED BORED??

So please people if you're bored, don't freakin annoy your friends, cause even if they love you , they dont give a damn !