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Wonder Girls - 2 different tears


No matter what !! you have to watch that video ;)


you know I love a lot of diff kind of music .. right you do ;)

i, for example, listen to country music at least 1h every day yeahhh !!

however i also adore pop music ;) like as much as country ;)

and so my latest discovery are the wonder girls ;) directly from korea ;)

they're simply awesome ;)

they have other tunes like " so hot" or "nobody" that are extra ;)

but seriously ! you cannot say you don't like that ;)

it is so catchy and the girls are sooo adorable !!


( i love their moves too )



enjoy ;)


Jaxonville Ep l'album

gidday mates :)

i'm gonna introduce u two cane toad gals :)
Rachael and Rebecca are from Brisvegas in Aussieland.
u know i lived there for quite a while and well i just loved it !! the best place ever on earth :)
and the best people too !
i made so many cobbers from there :) and i wish i'll be back ova there kinda soon :)
anywayyyy :)
I dunno if u noticed but i changed the music on my blog :)
and the niice music u hear is from that two twins :)
Rebeccas is the lovely sweetie brunette and Rachael the sugared blonde :)
of course it's country music and well if u're in aussie or in the us, u can buy it on itunes the album's title is Jaxonville EP :)
HOwever if u'rent in aussie ( shame on ya) u can buy it on "cdbaby.com":)
my favorite music is " say goodbye" i just love the voices and the tones of the song. hey could u believe it's in the top ten of my itunes list??
they sing in duet and that's just amazing.
u should really give it a try
they of course have a myspace here where u can listen their songs :)
u can even contact them they're just so down-to-earth and cool :)
i just love Rebecca :)
anyway enjoy their music and me i'll keep praying for them to get the success they deserve :)
and holy shit they deserve the best :)


my good old 'Britney

C'est mon cri de ralliement :)
Donc comme vous avez pu le voir en direct cette nuit ( oui Britney ça se voit en direct non mais) et grace a la pub ou on la voyait sur Mtv depuis une semaine au moins :) ( mais c'est toujours un plaisir)
De voir Britney si belle :) si pleine de vie :)
Britney devrait vraiment etre considerée comme un exemple ( non pas pour la fiesta, la drogue et le sexe dans la piscine) mais pour avoir surmonter tout ça :) avoir epouser un connard ( notamment et pour moi le depart de toutes ses miseres)
prendre un peu de poids ( je ne me sens pas visé) ..
Mais hier soir Britney etait une star comme on ne l'avait plus vu depuis longtemps :)
Britney Rocks !!
et maintenant je ne peux que m'impatienter d'entendre de voir son nouvel album sur lequel elle s'est mis :)
Britney hier soir a donc gagné les mtv award de la meilleur video avec " piece of me" :)
et elle a remercié ses fans ( la video est disponible sur le site de Mtv.com)
Je ne suis pas fan de beaucoup de monde ..Madonna me debecte, Julien doré c'est qui lui? rihanna c'est qu'une pouffiasse ( moi je suis porteur d'une message d'amour lol)
certes .. j'adore dolly parton :) soiiit
et je fonds en ecoutant roch voisine ( bé quoi)
mais Britney :) ze l'aimmeuhhh :)
je deviendrai hetero pour elle :) voui voui :)
Enfin je suis donc content qu'elle ait gagné quelque chose et qu'on ait surtout pu enfin la voir autre part que dans ces ***** de tabloids de ****  :)


Taylor Swift - our song -

Ya'll know i like country music .. yah yah yah :)

but i also know most of you like 99.8% dont like it :)

dunno really why yet :) whatever..

i dunno if u noticed but when u come in my webpage/blog, u can hear the little teedybear singing some country music :)

yah :) yah YIEEEEEHAAA :)

sorry :)

one of the song is from one of my fav  singer :) taylor swift:)

ok she is young but her album just rocks :)

and she is sooo pretty ( and what a make up )i would turn straight for her :) 

so here s the clip :) enjoy it :)



j adooooree

rien de tel pour effrayer les suedois :)

enfin c pas pire que ma sonnerie de ouiouiiiiii :) öoi le kitch je suis fan ... quoi vous aviez remarqué??? 

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Magnus Carlsson et en Français !!

un petit suedois , enfin grand qui d hab il chante en anglais , mais la en francais j'adore vraiment !!
et un superbe accent :)

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Eurovision 2007 ! la cuvée

so so :)

u know i like schlager songs :)

yes yes :)

last year i loved virginie but she was too shy to sing in front of so many people :)

but her song was amazing :)

not my fault if other europeans and non europeans vote for each others : and have no taste :)

so this year we have 10 candidats for the eurovision song contest ( soit ESC)


so let me tell u what i think of all the candidats :)
  1. estelle lémee: my fav :) cute really popy :) i wll vote for her :) its really culcul la praline but i love pinky song :)
  2. MAp: pff pathetic.. really countryside.. with a bad french accent.
  3. les wampas: this is maybe one of the worst " u shld vote for us lala" pfff !! rack off
  4. Bzr feat cheb hamid: a total SHAME, arabian song.. eurovision doesnt ask something able to represent the country?? maybe england shld sing in indian, germany in turkish and sweden in iranian..
  5. jennifer chevallier : my FIRST ex aequo with estelle :) i love that song with the lyrics :) defintively my fav :) even better than estelle :)
  6. MEDi-T: interesting :) i quite love it too ( my first choice) nice lyrics and good rythmn
  7. valerie louri: what the hell is that non-song??
  8. charlotte becquin : boring as heaven.. pff.. sounds like an 80's music remember " a cause des garçons"
  9. les fatals picard: interesting song : with the english accent of the singer :) and funny lyrics" l'amour a la française" vraiment pop anglaise..
  10. les verdettes : a real funny song !! i adore their style (  its really kitchy) sounds like a beach boys song.. but they're singing " daddy is dead" fun no?
so my top ten :
  1. Jennifer Chevalier
  2. Estelle lemée
  3. les verdettes
  4. les fatals picard
  5. medit-t
and well the ones that shld never watched on tv : 
  1. the worst : bzr
  3. map
  4. valerie louri
  5. charlotte becquin 

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Superbus toujours les meilleurs

aww i drove my mom crazy singing superbus :)
bum tchi cum bah was my favorite song :)
i  was so amazed by this singer and this rythmn..
and since 2002, i never have been deceived :)
popn'gum was fantastic, radio song so fun and now this nice Butterfly song :)
i can say that Superbus is my fav french group:) 

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For my Master 2 : Wing-Chiiii!!

i still loved that song :) its like a sum up of my blog :) pink yellow happy smile and speaking about a banana spliiit!!and this remix is just fantastique :) i like sandra lou :)
dont u think so?
i'm sure my friend wing chi s gonna love it :) its for u crystal :) with a tender kiss
its two year old but as i still love it i'm sure u gonan love it :)
yumy time !! 

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