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Svensk Mode or the lack of fashion sense

ahlala swedish girls ;)


ahalalala swedish guys !!

who could resist that blond tall folks?? usually quite fit with that bright shiny teeth ..

Ken and barbie in a barbie's world ! Even tho i found that picture online, i Could honestly tell you that i see that kind of girls quite everyday .. No discussion about that !

I won't keep on going with their psychotic issues with being healthy( and looking superficially fake) !

Because I'm here to chat about another topic..

All over the world we can buy stuff from swedish fashion industries.. like h/M, but also Tiger and Acné.. Even tho we would all admit that this isn't high fashion it remains that these brands are quite popular.

PLUS I would never deny that the price is attractive ( even I spend tons of kronor in h/m and stuff) however I tend to mix my clothes and have my personal style. But we are not here to speak about me and I shldnt even start to justify myself in previsions of being attacked by nationalist swe jerks..

My problem here is I guess related to the " lagom" concept.. this concept is more of a social/psycho concept than a fashion one though. It Basically means that you're as good as anyone else but that you have to be humble and modest (Something that the swedes forgot to be with time passing). Anyway, this concept kinda adapted itself to the behavior and the fashion. In Sweden (the most boring place in the world according to the swedes themselves (and some foreigners haha)) the hidden rule is "be like everyone else", this means that if the mode is about having fake platinium hair, YOu will have to have that ! But not because everyone has it, just because "you" think is nice ! ( yeah the swedes don't have the ability to think by themselves.. nor are able to recognize it).P08-01-10_19.10[01].JPG

And then you end up dating clones. I do remember my ex, he was cute and stuff but fashion??? nah.. i couldn't distinguish him from other swedes when i was looking at the backs .. and believe me it's quite a ill at ease moment to notice that you almost grab an ass and it wasn't yours !!! hum ( yeah i don't kiss with an audience but i easily grab asses !!beware !!)

And so, on streets, you will see exactly the same fashion than on shops ( earrings included for girls and hats included for guys). Like I Mean, my BFF " apr"  does buy a lot in h/m, gina tricot and cie, However she always end up looking glam and sexy ! matters of knowing how to wear clothes and having a style of fashion.So she never ends up being clothed like that ===>P08-01-10_19.13.JPG

the lack of fashion sense.. that's what bothers me here.

i'm showing you examples for females but it is like worst for guys or almost.

But then, even tho they are dressed like geeks and losers they would keep thinking that they're fashion.. simply incredible and pathos..

Because some of them try to be original .. but then it just turns out to be quite burlesque..



and so you can admire people wearing that kind of stuff .. very rainbowesque too ..

and for guys when you don't see a clonesque Ken (very similar to the other twentyfive thousands others) you gonna be able to look at the second tendance here..


the nerdy Britishish kinda look ..


very 80's.. very ugly.. actually quite ashaming..


it is a kind of ..like...a coco chanel's mantra.. the bigger the glasses are the more you'll have a small head ... and the more u'll look like a fly too .. and then u just feel that you might have walked on a doggypoo ( but now you remember you're not in southern europe) and so you just start to wonder what is ( or isnt) up there in their brains..

I do think that someone should teach them what is called being soberly dressed ..(empathize on soberly)


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