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Jaxonville Ep l'album

gidday mates :)

i'm gonna introduce u two cane toad gals :)
Rachael and Rebecca are from Brisvegas in Aussieland.
u know i lived there for quite a while and well i just loved it !! the best place ever on earth :)
and the best people too !
i made so many cobbers from there :) and i wish i'll be back ova there kinda soon :)
anywayyyy :)
I dunno if u noticed but i changed the music on my blog :)
and the niice music u hear is from that two twins :)
Rebeccas is the lovely sweetie brunette and Rachael the sugared blonde :)
of course it's country music and well if u're in aussie or in the us, u can buy it on itunes the album's title is Jaxonville EP :)
HOwever if u'rent in aussie ( shame on ya) u can buy it on "cdbaby.com":)
my favorite music is " say goodbye" i just love the voices and the tones of the song. hey could u believe it's in the top ten of my itunes list??
they sing in duet and that's just amazing.
u should really give it a try
they of course have a myspace here where u can listen their songs :)
u can even contact them they're just so down-to-earth and cool :)
i just love Rebecca :)
anyway enjoy their music and me i'll keep praying for them to get the success they deserve :)
and holy shit they deserve the best :)

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