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Swedish Country :))) hell yah


Dolly Parton the goddess of the country music had a concert in stockholm and another one in sweden.. we know that in the north they love country music more than in the south ..

Yet, we do also have french country singers :) yeyes :) i'll show it to u some other day :)

Today i would like to let u discover Jill Johnsson, she lives in Boras and well is an amazing country singer :)

( as you can see on the video clip :)

so well enjoy it :)


Good Morning America ! How are you?

I Have a passion in my life .. okie not only one but heyyy :)

one of my passions is to listen country music :)

hell ya i love it :)

unfortunately for me none of my friends do share that passion .. ( damn)

well of course my dear Miss B like Country ( thank god she is from oklahoma so she Must love Country) :)

and you're not without knowing my love for Roch Voisine :) the best male voice ever :) awwww i would just eat him :)

i'm even in his fanclub ( yes he does have one) he is kinda known to have famous songs in frangish ..

like Hélène :)

but then when i came in France i noticed on tv ( yah cause even in holidays i keep some time to watch the french tv ) his advertising about his new album :)

"Americana" :) well u know me even tho i keep critizing every country of the world ( France included) i love t he american way of life :)

I love the cowboys, and i'm desperate to get a cowboy hat ( yahhh viva the stetsons :) <== i even checked online i'm just not sure about my choice i should ask Miss B to know what wld be the best and what wld be the most common cowboy hat :)

So imagine the stars in my eyes when i noticed Roch + country .. i do it again :  Roch + country !!!


so i went to vigin megastore to be able to listen this precious album :)

i just loved it one of my favorite song was on it :)

so because i love you, dear reader, and that i know that without me , i would never listen country music ( or even check it ) ..

here the music :)



so the song is " city of new orleans" originally sang by willie nelson(not sure) and the french versio by joe Dassin :)

so Roch made a mixture :) i just love it :) ( already listened 28 times on my itunes since two days.. yah obcession)

Lyon La belle



Wow it's been a while since the last time i wrote on my blog :)

well you know how it is.. "semester" :)

i was so happy to have that between-two-courses to be able to go back to this amazing city :)DSC02691.JPG

i wont compare Stockholm and Lyon cause in my heart Lyon would definitively win :)

I finally had the occasion to meet Nelly that i didnt meet since like a year !!! my lord !! never again !! i was so glad to share some moments with her again..

you know dear reader, this city always had a bad reputation.. a cold city ..DSC02688.JPG

Napoleon wanted to destroy it because of the attachment the city shown for the king ..

Lyon is one of the oldest city in europe ( amazing isnt it) and was the center of the world in 1555 ( yah amazing too) :)

when i knew that i was going to live in Lyon i was so sad..DSC02706.JPG well u know Lyon is said to be cold ( there is something we call the "Lyon's Wall" which means that the people living over there are as friendly as the swedes LOL)

but after some years, i finally dealt with it and well i saw other french cities like Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier, Paris.. and Lyon is without any contest the most beautiful of all these cities :) i mean there is so much to see in that city.. the painted walls like this one

or the 18th century architectura DSC02708.JPG

you can also see a lot of really old churches!!DSC02689.JPG

Lyon is also known for its fashion and textile industries..

it is just bad that the city is kinda unknown ( despite the fact that they do have a really good aiport and that for exemple you can go to NYC or Stockholm from lyon in direct flight !!)

well i could speak about that city for so long .. that would turn really boring ( blahh interesting u unculturated)

i was extremely happy to be able to get there for a week .. eating nice bread :)DSC02680.JPG

eating a wonderful couscous that Sandra and Nelly made for me ( awwwwww) !!

i mean i like living in sweden but they miss so many things outta here (ahaha) and i'm not just speaking about  gastronomy but also about achitectura DSC02707.JPG:)

U can say u visited France if u didnt stop in Lyon ( after all it's also the second biggest city of France :)


i often hear people saying "ohh i love France" and then u do ask " ohh where have u been"  and they always answer " paris, normandie or nice/ cannes" .. WHat the hell ..DSC02713.JPG

that's like going to UK and saying that i loved england by visiting london and liverpool or that i loved the US by visiting Nyc and Miami ( without stoping in nola or San francisco??)DSC02724.JPG

A friend of sthlmboi, Anna, studied in Lyon last year in my university (Lyon3) and she just loved it !! DSC02730.JPGactually everyone who comes like it , the problem is just that most of the people just go through the city and dont really stop in it ..

I do hope u enjoyed the little visit through the pics nd that maybe u will think about visiting this City :)