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Lyon La belle



Wow it's been a while since the last time i wrote on my blog :)

well you know how it is.. "semester" :)

i was so happy to have that between-two-courses to be able to go back to this amazing city :)DSC02691.JPG

i wont compare Stockholm and Lyon cause in my heart Lyon would definitively win :)

I finally had the occasion to meet Nelly that i didnt meet since like a year !!! my lord !! never again !! i was so glad to share some moments with her again..

you know dear reader, this city always had a bad reputation.. a cold city ..DSC02688.JPG

Napoleon wanted to destroy it because of the attachment the city shown for the king ..

Lyon is one of the oldest city in europe ( amazing isnt it) and was the center of the world in 1555 ( yah amazing too) :)

when i knew that i was going to live in Lyon i was so sad..DSC02706.JPG well u know Lyon is said to be cold ( there is something we call the "Lyon's Wall" which means that the people living over there are as friendly as the swedes LOL)

but after some years, i finally dealt with it and well i saw other french cities like Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier, Paris.. and Lyon is without any contest the most beautiful of all these cities :) i mean there is so much to see in that city.. the painted walls like this one

or the 18th century architectura DSC02708.JPG

you can also see a lot of really old churches!!DSC02689.JPG

Lyon is also known for its fashion and textile industries..

it is just bad that the city is kinda unknown ( despite the fact that they do have a really good aiport and that for exemple you can go to NYC or Stockholm from lyon in direct flight !!)

well i could speak about that city for so long .. that would turn really boring ( blahh interesting u unculturated)

i was extremely happy to be able to get there for a week .. eating nice bread :)DSC02680.JPG

eating a wonderful couscous that Sandra and Nelly made for me ( awwwwww) !!

i mean i like living in sweden but they miss so many things outta here (ahaha) and i'm not just speaking about  gastronomy but also about achitectura DSC02707.JPG:)

U can say u visited France if u didnt stop in Lyon ( after all it's also the second biggest city of France :)


i often hear people saying "ohh i love France" and then u do ask " ohh where have u been"  and they always answer " paris, normandie or nice/ cannes" .. WHat the hell ..DSC02713.JPG

that's like going to UK and saying that i loved england by visiting london and liverpool or that i loved the US by visiting Nyc and Miami ( without stoping in nola or San francisco??)DSC02724.JPG

A friend of sthlmboi, Anna, studied in Lyon last year in my university (Lyon3) and she just loved it !! DSC02730.JPGactually everyone who comes like it , the problem is just that most of the people just go through the city and dont really stop in it ..

I do hope u enjoyed the little visit through the pics nd that maybe u will think about visiting this City :)






lyon !!!!! haha j'ai pas tout compris, mais toi même tu sais !!! lyon c'est... lyon tout simplement !!!

gros b'souxxx a vous 2

Écrit par : sandra | 01/09/2008

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