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Some News From New Caledonia

The good thing about being abroad is to live abroad ( deep thoughts this morning)..

the bad thing about being abroad is to be far away of your homeland, of you family and of the everything that make your everyday-life as perfect as it can be.. 

Thank God, you get some news, you keep talking on msn with ur mom ( essential) and you keep calling ( harassing) your little sister ( living in Paris) ...

And as your lovely mom loves you , sometimes she sends you packages :) 

YEEAHHHHHAAAAAAAA <=== non hidden joy :)

that's what we would call the caledonian survival kit :)

 inside of that survivial kit, u do have magic chocolate :) when u put it on ice cream it becomes hard :) magiiic :)

mayo kraft ( as i already spoke) milo, picnic :) 

yah a lot of food :) 

of course :) 

my mom is a mom :) she thinks food is feeding the heart :)

DSC02437.JPGso here we go with two bottles of achards :) i just love it :) i missed it so much :)

and i got a lot of other things like tricots rayés ( new caledonia brand) shirts  scarves :) DSC02435.JPG


DSC02445.JPG i also got books to cook my traditionnal food :) yupiii :)

which is so good cause my sister will soon be here and then we gonna be able to cook together :) 

I really miss my family and that's true that to get things like that make my life more sweet ( ahahah) 

i Mean i was speaking about it with some friends, the erasmus student leave their country and home for a year, us the expats,  no matter where u do come from, you come in a country for an undeterminated time .. but then as we say that's life :) 

and i'm lucky to have my sister not so far away :) 

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