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learning the french alphabet

Because i also think about the non french speakers ( a shame for them)

i decided to post a lil video clip about the french alphabet :) yah u can sing it :)

well of course i prefer the old version sang by Chantal Goya ( who knew i wld speak about Chantal over here ..) but then it's the best way to learn the french alphabet :) well anyway i learnt it like that :)

as said in the song: to learn the alphabet while singing, while laughing .. lalala

tryyy :)  


and because i' m wodnerful and extremely nice :)
i'm posting a second video allll in english :) special gift for my american readers :)
so dont listen the fake teethed red haired women .. she has a sooooooo strong american accent while saying the alphabet .. the brunette just at the end has a perfect french accent ( but she looks french so ..)
enjoy :)
no excuses to not be able to say the "r" anymore :)  

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