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Ingrid Betancourt is Free !!





This is the best news of the month, or so of the year :)

you can see on my blog on the right side a little banner for Ingrid Betancourt, as i doubt u know who she is...this french colombian woman was kept by the Farcs ( the marxist independant army) since more than 6 years.She was the candidate for the green party  in the colombian presidential elections when she was caught.  She missed the life of her children and lived in hell ..anyway now is the past and NOW she is FREE !!

all the negociations tempted during the years failed, all the "missions" sent by the french government, the old jacquot one or the one of the dwarf  in the spring.. alllll failed..


Uribe Alvaro finally made it.. oh well.. surely helped by the americans.. i do personally think the mission was made to save the americans and ingrid just has been lucky :) but then i'm so happy for her and for her family :)

Finally :)

What a relief :)

 i hope now that she will recover of her disease and of that years of jails..



Yes!!!!!! Am very happy for her and for her family. Just come back home and see the Alert Info on all news channels ^^.
Good night.

Écrit par : La Pingouine | 03/07/2008

youhouuuuuuuuuuuuu! that's cool. I don't care how it's happened, the only thing that matter to me is that she and her 16 fellows are now free.

and by the way, I'm glad to be at least able to read your blog, the former version was a nightmare ;D

Écrit par : camille la it girl | 03/07/2008

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