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Paris Queen de L'europe?

Here s gonna be a special note :)
Paris became kinda the capitale of european union since the beginning of july :)
it's a great thing mostly when you know how much europeans hate us :)
these dumass just love to eat our food, to pollute our country by visiting like crazy people and throwing garbages on the ground( i fuck the german and the dutch, this is said :)
i mean i was reading some stats ( thank eurostat) and it was , as always, said that the french are the worst tourists, France is the worst country , always because of the french... the reasons?? France are said to not speak a foreign language.. yah believe me or not, all the foreigners going to France every year, which is almost 75 millions of people, making France the most visited country on the world, dont speak french, are we saying all that assholes are just too dumb to know how to say "bonjour"?? yah mostly..
the other day Miss B and her Bf Johan came around her for a lovely dinner :) it was amazingly stunning :)
and it turns out that johan, even tho he is a guy ( and worst a straight one) is really smart :) and honnest ( it's not linked yet).. we discussed about why the swedes hate so much the french .. he told me it was about the french chauvinist way of life .. ok why not .. even tho most of the French do critize more France and the french than any other nation .. that's so cliché to hear french people saying " ohh i think the french are a shame, France is sooo over, look how France is nowadays blablabla" .. u'll never, Never , NEVER, hear a swede speaking about his country in that way.. SWEDEN is the paradise :) only :) and then they say we are like nationalists??
i mean i visited a lot of countries and even if i 've never been in the us, sweden is the country where i saw the most flags ever..
in macdonald !! on table in restaurants, on cars, on houses, in gardens .. it's fuckign crazy .. i surely think they have a complex of inferiority :)
or superiority anyway :) or maybe both :)
we often speak about europe, are we europeans? am i more french than european? in general, i wld say no, i do consider myself as european more than french... however, i dont consider the swedes as european, nor the brits, or the polish :) ( unfortunately i do consider the irish europeans and these bastards said no the mini treaty which prove that they can be as dumb as the french ).
i dont like Sarkozy, i dont like him at all even a communist wld have been better than him ( ok maybe not.. or why not after all??) This guy is everything except honest and just manipulate everything and everyone from his ministers to the medias ( a video is shown online ( go to  dailymotion, where he is saying "ohhh maybe you could ask me a question about carcassonne??" yah maybe ?? my ass) 
I also think it's mediterrannean project is just a shame :) ..
but then he s gonna have a lot to do in europe after the "i m gonna say no for the moment" of the fat polish president Kaczynski who s waited the first day of the french european presidence to say it (  we can agree, is a fat dumb pig, for that and for his way of dealing with gays in his country) :)
i mean i love the polish :) but their president is just another dumbass, like berlusconi( <== ahaha a joke :) i do remember in the news when it was the french elections, the italian were saying " ohh dont do the same mistakes that we did once by electing Berlu .. and who has the power right there nowadays??? i hate italians :) 
I do really think that the european union should be made in two steps.. first the old good countries like France germany, belgium, holland, luxembourg, and maybe why not some other who are really pro europeans to do a constitution and have a common international strategy :) and then the others, the fucked irish, the sceptical british, and all the easterners :) let's not waste money for the people who dont believe in what we are building :) 
this note is kinda full of anger :) Basically i just hate the italians :) all the others i can deal with them ( so bad they cant deal with us back)
But then, France has the power for 6 months we will see how it's gonna be :) I just know that the french will be judged in a more harsh way than the others president nations( like germany or slovenia just before us) 

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