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How to survive

Afghanistan .. what a far far away country ..
and yet several times during the year, my beloved sthlmboi has to go other there for his job ..
Dating a military boi is not an easy thing ..
of course there is several good things like his muscled body ( yummmmmyyyyy i have picture but no u wont see it, u pervert !) but also his military uniform :)
ahlalala :)
i feel like a poor french woman after the 2nd world war when all the nice, sexy and brighten smilling american soldier came into the cities..
so i have my own soldier at home :)
Toy soldier ahaha :) sorry i cant help myself :)
it's been like 2.5yrs that we know each other and i still love him more than ever :) isnt it romantic?
the main point is that i hate when he has to leave for several weeks ( anywhere but more precisely in afghanistan)
yah people are getting killed over there ...of course he always brings back some gifts ( yahhh the afghan scarves , did i ever tell u i had a kind of addiction for scarves?)
i still hated the military people, even tho my dad is one of them andthat my bro did st cyr ( like westpoint)..to me a military boi is just good to be watched while excercising ( yummmyy) but ok maybe some of them do good things like preserving the peace in the balkans and a lot of other parts of the world .. i just cant stop thinkin that a lot of others do horrible things like what happened in asia or irak or africa ( sumewhere over there lol)..
However i didnt want to speak about Peace in the world, i'm not Miss America :)
i do wonder if it's healthy for a relationship  to be divided several weeks every two months..
maybe it makes it stronger.. i mean i always believed in ldr ( long distance relationships) and i had several ones ..and well i have to admit i could not live with someone 24/7.. i' m too annoying for that :)
yet i also have to admit that sometimes when the beloved is far away it seems that this person is more present than when they really are with you..( but that's because i'm asking a looooot of love and so when the person is away i ask for less lol)
or maybe that's just me having psycho issue ( which is possible) nahh but i know he could die over there.. and of course once he is there, i keep thinkin about that and worrying about my life without him ( nu i just hope he wont check my blog )
 so my sthlmboi left yesterday morning and i felt sick like three days before ( like this u can freely enjoy ur last moment together) and he will come back in three weeks( so fucking long) well of course nu i have some friends in sthlm and i have his wonderful friends in vasteras like linda <== my fav one :) yet it does not compensate .. that's really amazing to notice that without him you can't really sleep in your bed, you dont wanna cook good dinners, all the little habits that u have related to him are just shaked and u have to deal with it..
the only thing i hope is his comeback safe ( and with some turquoise scarves lol) and well i'm also happy to know that he is helping to make a better world ( miss america power). 
ps: do u know that the swe government wants to be able to read all emails, check all phone calls of all the swe military people?? this is so scary !!and what about the privacy ..  


Hi Miss America!! (lol) don't worry am sure that the idea of getting some turquoise scarves will help you to hold on... ( hum bon j'ai fait de mon mieux, post en anglais = commentaire en anglais hihi)

Écrit par : La Pingouine | 17/06/2008

"i feel like a poor french woman after the 2nd world war when all the nice, sexy and brighten smilling american soldier came into the cities"


Moi aussi l'uniforme... grrr même si je déteste la mentalité des militaires et le côté obéir aux ordres sans réfléchir. J'aime les militaires d'opérette (les strip teaser en fait ^^)

Écrit par : Lyly June | 18/06/2008

Prayers and good thoughts that he will come home safe! I have a cousin who is an Army Ranger in Iraq. It is never easy to have loved ones in dangerous areas. Yuck.

PS: The Swedish government is also considering a law that would allow tapping and reading of any communication to and from Sweden from any outside country (this includes Swedish emails and phone calls that travel via international servers - which is nearly every email). Hopefully, the bill will be struck down.


Écrit par : Miss B | 18/06/2008

la pingouine/ merci pr le com en anglais c'etait parfait lol et oui je survis grace a l'idée d'avoir une echarpe turquoise lol
ne suis pas materialiste?LOL

lyly june/ mdrr j'etais sur que ça allais te faire marrer ma petite phrase lol voila t'es comme moi l'univers militaire etc beurk beurk lol mais l'uniforme et les muscles lol pkoi pas :)

Miss B/ thanks to u i'm more worry for ur cousin than for my man :) no Iraq scares me too and i would prefer a world without war ( arghhh miss america is back) ..

ps: my lord that's even worst than what i thought, but i do wonder if it's really possible .. and what about the privacy of the others? i feel like in 1984, big brother is watching uuus :)

Écrit par : withoutabrain | 19/06/2008

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