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Undead are alive :)

resizer.aspx.jpgBrrr well i like romero ..

dawn of the dead and all that kind of movies :) 

more apocaliptic it is better i will feel :)

no i tend to be really scared but then i have that masochist side ..

so today in Melbourne, Aussie, more than 145 people met on streets and walked like zombies :)

i heard about that phenomenon a few weeks ago and it happens all over the world :)

i'm a weirdo but i just love it :) isnt it a great/grand idea?

i caught that pic from the national nine news ( yahh i luv to read it and what??)

these crazy funny people met trhough facebook and enjoyed pretending being undeads :)

i wish  i was there :)

ok if it happens in sthlm i wll be right on trackand ready !

" what do we want?? Braiiiinnnns" <==== quite useful for me knowing i'm without it :)

i wonder if i wld become a mega supra smart zombie then .. AHAH :) 

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