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the swe behavior or la mauvaise éducation

684256171.gifi wont deny all the good sides of the swe ...

this had to be said :)

yet, this my blog, and i like complaining about things ( and we wont deny neither that this is my right ahaha my duty)  

so, coming from france put you in such good disposition for liking the swe... from France, the swedish are one of the only nation that you have the right to like ( it's like just 2 nations all over the world), the swe are said to be healthy , nature-lovers, polite and well the most beautiful people of the world ...

well,i wont deny that neither .. but i would add several things to it ..

let's see the first part, the " healthy" swedish ..

for the average swe, being healthy means eating "good" food and to do exercise..of course i agree with that notion.. in France we are healthy to according to that definition !!

However...  "exercise" and "good food" really diverge...

the swedish for most of them only drink what we call café au lait  ( coffee and milk) which is really not good for the stomach and i dont even speak about the taste ..

a typical swe breakfast is composed of a kind of acid liquid cheese ( une sorte de fromage blanc acide)  on muesli ( without nuts of course).. it can vary with the addition of hard bread ( genre krispolls) with butter and turkey on it ..

" sweet" is an unknown word outta there ..

of course, the swe are really judgmental and if you dare, sorry , DARE, eating you white bread with butter and marmelade with your warm milk chocolate, they will just look at you as if you were coming from another planet ..

for t he big days of the year like christmas or easter or whatever , they use to eat raw fish ( often with a kind of cream) potatoes, and of course salmon ( to that you willoften be able to find shrimps and a lot of sea food)...

all of it would be ok if they were not judging everything you can eat ...Nutella is considered as evil in that country .. they seem to not know that eating can be a pleasure, that you can eat healthy by eating anything you want ( if you do control it) that a spoon of olive oil wont ruin your everyday-diet ( actually it 's even good for health)...

Sweden country of Gastronomy? no way .. most of them just have no taste.

what about the physical activity or so called : exercise??

anytime you go to have a little promenade along the water, you' ll see people running like crazy rabbits .. i have nothing against that..if they wanna run for nothing except ruining their back and their feet, that's t heir problem.. it becomes a probleme when you dont run yourself..

the swedish are really REALLY very Very judgmental ( u got me?) dont run and u're considered as a fat ass, dont eat what they consider as healthy food and you're a fat ass.. no exception ! they dont do excersise to be healthy but to look fit ( see the nuance?) and by the way if you are really skin over here, like close to be called mister bone itself or like the god of all anorexic people , they will think you're ok ! being fat is a sin ( or just over weight huh) but being skin is GOOD ! 

they're that judgmental because they tend to be for most of them as deep as the paris Hilton's nails..  if you wanna know what being superficial means.. Sweden is THE country made for you ! 

i will speak about their "mode" or so called fashion in english in another article...




Miss B or an american girl in sweden

Miss B.
I do remember at the beginning of the year, when i was alone and soooo lonely ... *sad memories* Miss B. has always been smiling.
I cant say that the swedish people are  my favorite people on the world .. actually far away from it ..
sure with some exceptions (huh)
for Miss B, it's the whole contrary, she loooooovess the swe :) no idea why .. some kinda of american thing lol
( surely).
i know what u thought when u looked at the pic, oh my god a texan girl, and even if she looks reallyyyy like a confederate girl ( oh my gosh)  she is just from Kansas :) ( u can notice that it sounds like texas)
Miss B. represents the best of the american, open minded, really perky ( ohh) noooo she is just sweet !)
and she has such a nice american accent :)
 it took me some time to really know her but i can say that she is one of my best meeting in sweden :)
at the beginning i mostly noticed only her hair lol well she always sit  in the front of the classroom ( sooooo seriiiouuus) and as you can imagine,i never oh my god never sit over there :) first because i could see what the teacher shows and second because the teachers could hear me speaking and speaking .. but so, as you see in the picture, she has long wavy hair (the color is properly not clear)and so on i tended to think she was promoting l'oreal shampoos with such shiny hair :) 
well i always loved american or at least most of them ( and this doesnt have to be related to the american govmnt).
 however it's rare for me to find people with the same " cutie" side , if u see what i mean :) 
and i have to admit that since i know her , i cant wait to visit kansas ( what the hell):)
then, in a short time she became a real good friend of mine and i'm really happy with it :) ( and well i wldnt go that often in class if she wasnt there lol) 
u can visit her blog here :) 


to save the caledonian lagoon

the caledonian lagoon is one of the biggest of the world with more than 700kms and one of its most beautiful of course :)

yet this heritage is in danger !

so help us to save it by signing this


Non je ne suis pas mort



me revoila sur les ondes apres quelques six mois de repos blogesques :)


mais fallait bien revenir un jour non?


et puis ça me demangeait de refaire la déco <== on ne change pas :)


donc pour les nouvelles, oui je suis toujours en suéde :) voui je pense toujours a beaucoup de monde :)

Non il ne neige plus, d'ailleurs il n'a pas neigé des masses cette année ..

et oui j'ai plein d'idées d'articles qui vont vous en apprendre encore plus sur ma patrie d'adoption :)

donc je vous dis un gros REEEE :)