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how to not concentrate urself on ur work ...

nahh but seriously daya think i can study with that morning face??
i look like a zombie.. so hard ..
"me.. that's all i have to giiiiive what u get is what u seeee lalalala by faith hill" no wonder then i'm afraid to be dumped by my bf LOL 
so yah i thought it was a good idea to show my morning face.. and for the people i know who already saw it , i'm sure u're enjoyg it :)
i'm still complaining when i do see my face on the mirror when i m'in the bathroom for the first time of the day .. but i think i have reasons lol
yesterday we , sthlmboi and i, were watching Bridget Jones and u know the famous" i love u as i am" i looked my sooo beautiful sottiis and asked him with my most cute face .." aww do u also love me as i am?" and he said " as you could be" arghhh lol
since then i cant stop thinkin about it ..what the hell does he mean ..
maybe he s gonna be deceive in some years .. coz i wont be what he expected ..
life is just made of some really important days, and what if the day he met me he was blind???
well the good point is that since yesterday i wrote 3 pages for my memoire , wich is nothing but a real beginning for me ... cause u know how hard it is for me to be focused on something for more than 30 mns..
so i'll try a bit this afternoon to study a bit ... oh yes the " try and " a bit" welllllll
i have some stuff to clean too and i would like to distract myself a bit too ..
and even if i have to give back my memoire for the 1st i still dont feel the pressure ( or at least not strong enough) so maybe i'll study tomorrow..
damn i'm so impressed by bossy people able to work/study for so long .. 


Take a try, although you already have known what I would say. :-)
If I were you, on such a nice weekend, I will forget studying for a while and go for something fun. How about an outing with a friend? or sitting here to give my little speech to you? I bet you would say: ...... :-)

Écrit par : Cheng | 31/08/2007

A mix of Mike Brant and Jim Morrison...

Écrit par : Zanzi | 08/09/2007

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