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What a shiiitness :)

i was checking the blog of Thor, as i usually do and i found that test .. damnit lol 

well i do exactly know what people say about me when they do hear me speaking ( i wont say they 're listening lol)

but a lot of people often say that i have an amazing way of speaking :)

not that i speak like a spanish cow ..but slang ..

well i wont complain about it .. i traveled a lot and in a lot of countries .. but i also know that i had some prob with my english teachers.. well some said i was writting like an 15yrs old cheerleader !!! and the other said this in a mail !!


" Hi
I only use this address at exam time as you can see.
You got 16 ( out of 20)from what I remember so you should be a happy man.
Slang is fine,but not if that's the only register you have.
Good Luck Cass it was a pleasure.

Keith F "


gnagnagnagna :) one of my prob is that i speak english like i speak french or spanish .. and by this i mean " by my own" lol i swallow words ( instead of something else, u perverts !) and i do have an accent in french in spanish in english even in arabian but never the same ( welll)

so here's my result for the little test :) lol

damnit a yankee?? what the hell is that fucking bullshit i'm gonna kick the ass of the owner of that test ..  



Your Linguistic Profile:

35% Yankee

30% General American English

25% Dixie

5% Upper Midwestern

0% Midwestern

ah yes : dixie is a language used mostly in nelle england and connecticut.. 

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