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Gunther varinia :) lol maybe for varinia :)

well u know Varinia, i wrote an article about this splendid blondish german girl yesterday :)

so life mades that our family names are really close in the alphabetical order :)

G-G power :)

so for each of my exams she was still my neighboor and we still had fun :) and whatever people say it helps to know people :) lol

but the best thing was for the oral exams :) lol

still waiting together :) ( with Célie lol G-G-G power lol)

 so the first time i saw her last name i was like " ohhh my godeee Vaniania <== i thought it was her name lol  gunther like the swedish singer??"and she was like " what the hell are u speaking about" and me smiling like an idiot" wanna touch my tralalaaaaa " and her saying " oh my gosh , french pervert" so much fun :)

so here s the song :)


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