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Help sthlm boi !!( or the secret of sthlm boi)

so as you guessed, and as you surely know this is Sthlm boi :)
u already read him once or two over here :) but you mostly know he is sharing my life :)
well actually not right now cause he thinks the third world is more interesting than me !!
yes i cant fight against burqa women !
who could have said it !
so if there is one thing to know about sthlm boi, and i'm not speaking about his blond hair or about his adoration for Madonna the queen of the business ..
its that min sthlm boi doesnt cook :)
oh well he can !!
but the prob is that its not really eatable :) u can pretend it is :) but then u'll turn sick :)
thanks god i like cooking :)
so what the point of this post or of this pic?
its that even if he cant really cook and we all should thank God for that :) he can help cooking :)
so with me he lovess to mix the ingredients to make a pizza pate, and also to chop the oignons, and all :)
he is the assistant you need !!
cause he loves to eat :) he just doesnt like to cook :) thats why he is so thin !!  
so Please if you know him:)
dont let him come and eat everything but
Help  him and force him to cook :)


hunnie !
that was a secret!!!
we agreed u wouldn't tell... no?? :))
but we all know a pic says more then a 1000 words... and it looks im cooking ;)

Écrit par : S-B. | 20/06/2007

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