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Carpe Diem

so it seems that we have reasons to be in afghanistan. as a reminder of that the evil came closer today. we are still safe and sound but it came closer and that makes me think. that we should seize tha day.... carpe diem... live every day and love my friend.... love !

the days here are passing by. its still sandy. its still dry but heeey! i enjoyed the sun today... and let me tell u... it was just like in the south of france. cote d'azur all over !! buut the only (?) diffrence is that after 30 mins the smell of fried bacon came... damn it made me hungry  :)

and from the place where i was taking the sun all over my body i got a good look at the surroundings. damn. people dont need that much it seems to survive. the women here have new children for their entire life and they have like 10 childern each. why i wonder, do they want even more children to share the "nothing" they have with. i see all the children and see them look around, almost like they are wondering.... is this it?? is this what god gave me??

i wonder sometimes if it was the right thing to do to go here and now i know... yess. it was. i am lucky to see all this... even though i miss my chewi d'amour!!! ouis!

soo.. photos suree. i will try. but the photos of me... in the sun wear, like in.. nothing, rien.. wont come. well only for the usual writer of this blog. :)


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