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z'avais zoublié

 avis a la populasse : mon blog reprend un peu l'anglais lol hein vu que sthlmboi est en direct de l'afhgan et que moi j'adore vous ecrire avec mon anglais bien slangy :) 


yah i forgot to tell ya hun ohhh sorry, dear reader :)


min snygg kille, sorry lol min sottiis : ) as known as being sthlm boi is in Afghanistan right now :)

as i know u're as dumb as me let me tell u a bit more of afghanistan ..

yes its in the third world ..

so as you see , its here :)
yesh me too i thought iraq was afgha .. but no :)
today u learnt something :)
so my darling is ova there coz yes they need blond people ..
its u know the quota's story ..  soo many black haired people that they need blondies :)
nejjj but i'm glad he is in afgha and not in iraq actually lol so i wont complain about that shit ..
well not so much ..
so a bit of history... afghan had the talibans :) ok  its done :)
a bit of fashion the women over there and as our special reporter strhlm said is something like that :)

 yahh u can admire their soo beautiful smiles :) no need to use colgate over there :)

who am i to judge? lol i'm a fuckin faggot of the western world lol

and i love the beauty of women :)

nahhh but i'm glad to read u mr sthlm boi :) and as lylyjune said we are all hoping to see some pics :)

of a swedish camp and of the people before they bomb u :)

ohh its not fun ? lol suuure it is :)  so here we go and we will read some new adventures :)

bisous kyss kyss and i cant wait to read more: ) 

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