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A big world

goooooooood morning vietnam..... :)

oh shit... thats not vietnam.... im in afghanistan. afghanistan.  stockholm boi in afghanistan. stockholm boi in lyon sounds better no??

the wind has brought me here on a mission for peace. im in the nato base camp nortern light working for, yeees hunnie... the swedish armed forces. and yesss!!! all my dear french readers, la suede has an army. and a damn proud one too!

the first thing that strikes me is the heat. the second, the heat and the third... that never ending sunlight. the surroundings are mostly deserts ( not desserts.. u wish) and i look and wonder how the people here makes it. everything is cowered in sand and it all has the same coulor. as a gay could say... its sooo caffe latte !

the men just sit around and the women are.. somewhere else. the ones i see, i really dont see. burka u know. its funny coz the small girls are dressed like we dress.. but it seems when they reach a certain age they need to cower up! but who am i to judge. they are all very happy and stop to wave at us when we come. some of them do the " thumbs up" and i wonder if its a nice way to say.... up yours!!  :))

thats my first impression and ill keep reporting. no worries. im stockholm boi. in the world. in afghanistan... sharing with u.



J'arrive pas à croire que tu sois là bas !! Photos please (si c'est possible). C'est vrai que j'avais jamais entendu parlé de l'armée suédoise... :))

Écrit par : Lyly June | 14/06/2007

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