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Eurovision 2007 ! la cuvée

so so :)

u know i like schlager songs :)

yes yes :)

last year i loved virginie but she was too shy to sing in front of so many people :)

but her song was amazing :)

not my fault if other europeans and non europeans vote for each others : and have no taste :)

so this year we have 10 candidats for the eurovision song contest ( soit ESC)


so let me tell u what i think of all the candidats :)
  1. estelle lémee: my fav :) cute really popy :) i wll vote for her :) its really culcul la praline but i love pinky song :)
  2. MAp: pff pathetic.. really countryside.. with a bad french accent.
  3. les wampas: this is maybe one of the worst " u shld vote for us lala" pfff !! rack off
  4. Bzr feat cheb hamid: a total SHAME, arabian song.. eurovision doesnt ask something able to represent the country?? maybe england shld sing in indian, germany in turkish and sweden in iranian..
  5. jennifer chevallier : my FIRST ex aequo with estelle :) i love that song with the lyrics :) defintively my fav :) even better than estelle :)
  6. MEDi-T: interesting :) i quite love it too ( my first choice) nice lyrics and good rythmn
  7. valerie louri: what the hell is that non-song??
  8. charlotte becquin : boring as heaven.. pff.. sounds like an 80's music remember " a cause des garçons"
  9. les fatals picard: interesting song : with the english accent of the singer :) and funny lyrics" l'amour a la française" vraiment pop anglaise..
  10. les verdettes : a real funny song !! i adore their style (  its really kitchy) sounds like a beach boys song.. but they're singing " daddy is dead" fun no?
so my top ten :
  1. Jennifer Chevalier
  2. Estelle lemée
  3. les verdettes
  4. les fatals picard
  5. medit-t
and well the ones that shld never watched on tv : 
  1. the worst : bzr
  3. map
  4. valerie louri
  5. charlotte becquin 

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Et bien...
le passager du vol 018 m'a invité a diner la semaine dernière....

Mais... cela dit, si je le revois en vol, je me comporterais pareil....cad je ne lui donnerais pas plus d'attention qu'a un autre passager...

Il m'a encore envoyé des sms...

Mais de toutes façons, je crois bien...qu'il ne m'intéresse plus....

A très bientot!!!


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