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la Galette des Rois or the king Wafer

YEAHHH today its the épiphanie sisi :)

yes yes :)

so today we gonna eat " la galette des rois"  :)

the one my mom made all alone in her kicthen :)

looks like :===>medium_galettedesrois.jpg

so for what i know this one is the most spread galette .. the King Wafer :)

so u have to cut it  with the same number as people wishing it with u :) +1 ( the part of the virgin Marie)

inside of this cake the bakeryman added a "broad bean" ( its like a little figurine)( if u got  it u'll be the king or the queen)medium_feve1.jpg

and the younger person in the house goes below  the table and say to who the part of the cake will go :) <== god what a sentence :)

 the person with the broad bean will be the King of the day :)  its seems this habits come from the romanian empire :)

 in provence ( home sweet home) we do have the same tradition but with another cake called the "King's cake" :) a brioche with a orange's tree taste full of candled fruits :) medium_gateau-des-rois.jpg




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mission accomplie pour moi

Écrit par : missparker | 07/01/2007

hihi et tu as été reine au moins? lol

Écrit par : WoaB | 10/01/2007

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