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Parisians' view of France

Yahhhh ..

i still have a lot of fun when an american ( well it could have been anyone but with americans it still funnier :) they're pretty naive)

is feeling hurted or even injured by people in paris :)

dont they know they do act exactly the same with the other french??


heyyy it is what happens when u do mix frenchs from all part of France !! the worst :) uneducated rude and snobby people :)

well i looooove Paris like almost everyfrench and everyone all around the world .. the problem is the parisians :)

and the worst thing is that they recognize ur accent ;:) i do have a nice sunny singing east southerner accent :) pretty popular everywhere even in paris :) but impossible to sound serious or to not look" provincial" u know the province??

its everything except Paris !! l'ile de france, u can translate it by " the island of france" cause yah some parisians think they could live without the rest of the france..

when u know that we pay 50% of their subways pfff :)

even all the national channels are made in paris so as we have different period of holidays sometime u do have the best programms when u're in univ and the shit while ur in holidays .. stupidddd

when u do see a parisian call him " parigot" its the best :) so let me show you how they see the rest of France :) 



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