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petit travail en anglais

et voui on bosse :)

amusez vous bien c'etait histoire de bien taquiner mon prof :)


Oral speech: ( but I’ve changed it J)


“Because you’re faced with many challenges in life such as choosing a new lip’s gloss, new shoes or a new Dior Bag.

Because you want to live in a country led by a beautiful and perky president able to defend and protect your international interests.

Because you’re fed up with living in an unsafe country where ugly people are allowed to walk in your streets

Because you have hope for the future, for my future and for our future.

For all theese reasons, I am full of confidence that I will receive your votes.”





Nowadays the way people dress are a disaster and this comes from beeing unhappy and I want to change that.

Thanks to the Pink Political Party and all people supporting it, I will make things evolve.

My program can be sum up in a 4 point system, looking in a way like the 4 seasons of the year.


The first point is the cold winter and it’s about the immigration:


I’m not only for a low rate of immigration, but also a “selected” one. Only the beautiful, fashionly-dressed, rich and educated people should be allowed to come into France.

They will have to  be frenchized and by that I mean to speak french and to know three other languages (spanish, italian and why not german). They will have to clothe themselves with French brands, such as Chanel for women and Dior or JP Gauthier for men.

And for sure, people should be atheists with catholic values and the only God allowed would be the “Commercial Center”, a really popular God J


The second point: the Foreign Affairs. It will be as important as flowers growing in spring:


Spring is a colourful season and the colours represents the complexed situation of the foreign affairs. But this point will be clear, France will have the place it deserves in Europe and in the world. We found our real allies with the Iraq crisis and because of that we are now able to create a new alliance. I do propose to create a federal union with Germany, Luxemburg , Holland and Belgium. All important issues will be divided between theese countries. France will get the culture and the foreign affairs, economy will go to Germany.


Some countries will be rejected to enter the European Union, for example the countries with no real culture, no taste in fashion and ugly languages as easterners . Countries as Great Britain will get thrown out, because we can never accept the American slave working beside us.

Sure as all superficial nations, we will only care about the rich and wise countries. The third world and the Americans are not in my priorities. Let us become again more rich and have more fashion for us. We have to show the world who has the power and who is able to protect the beauty, the manners and the luxe.


My third point will turn as dry as a lizzard in the summer of the Sahara desert: the Economy.


The economy is a boring thing but an essential one. Thanks to economy, we can buy so many nice and interesting things as pink coats, pink houses and pink cars..

The only ugly people accepted in France, will be the economists and people working in the business affairs (and they will even be allowed to marry beautiful and smart people).

We will stop giving social allowances for the ugly people and the idiots who do not deserve it. The survivors from the dark ages will realize they have to dissapear to make our life more pretty and to stop our eyes from getting hurt because of their ugliness.


Also we will create the “ euthanasia day”, this is to get away from paying the retirements of all the oldies. This day, once a year, will allow the oldies to die quietly and at a cheap price.

And no worries, we will make plastic surgery free, just to allow people to be more beautiful and to look younger when the death is coming.

To finish we will increase the taxes on imports because only the French products are good and classy.


The last point is about the Education, because education wont fall like feathers in autumn:


I will fight for developing more creativity in the schools. I will allow the student to be more original and not as traditional as today.

The national culture will be promoved and people will have to learn more about art (European and French art), French cooking (frogs and snails), patriotic values and lessons in good manner will be given.

Several languages will have to be spoken because it’s important to spread your grand culture.


And because you want to have beautiful and perky children, they will have to wear pink and yellow schooluniforms with a nice dress for the girls and nice outfits for the boys.


Because I know you know I want the best for us.



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Gosh...I'm impressed. Did you propose all this stuff? wow!
Hopefully i'm not excluded from that pink realm, i'll work in the business field, lol

Écrit par : Victor | 02/01/2007

et bien, c'est du beau tout ça... ça fait pas très devilliers quand même... lol
mais ce serait intéressant ( je veux la culture, je veux la culture!!!).
En pls, ça ne pourrait pas nuire à la réputation de la France, seulement la renforcer dans ce qu'elle a de pire ou de meilleur (je veux la culture, je veux la culture!!!).
En tout cas, j'ai remarqué que tu ne parlais pas de la sexualité, ni de moi, simple oubli, je pense... (je veux la culture, je veux la culture!!!)

Écrit par : geo | 04/01/2007

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