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Entre autres choses j'ai eu :)


I got a thing from my pink list :::::::

 yespaaaaaaa :)

yes yes yes :)

what a nice pinky machine...

i never licked the mac/apple stuff but it was pink ..i wanted the 8go but no pink so only 4go :)

but heyyy !!! the sound is soooo great :) and my mom bought a little baby pink bag to protect it :)medium_ipod2.jpg

sooo cute  !!


 yes it doesnt seem but this thing is pretty small !!!

yes i know i do have soooo big and masculine hands :)

yummy hands no?

i like my hands, thank to it the ipod nano seems to be again more beautiful :) and more expensive :)

my hands are useful :)

 and god when u do see themedium_ipod3.jpg gift ::! u're just like what??? this small shit is the ipod?? 

i was not deceived but its a shock .. and yet i saw the black ipod of SB .. but still i was amazed..

so i've added 2.34go out of my 4go for my songs ( and i've added all my cd !!! sniiiiiifff ) 


well ! i'm pretty glad :)

its useful , fashion and Rose ( Pink) yummy time !!

i'm gonna make love to my ipod now :)

thank u Mamannnnn :)) ( yes its the gift from my little mom , i still love her when she offers gifts)


ahaha u cant buy my love? lol  

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Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année!!! gros bisous...doudy...

Écrit par : doudy | 25/12/2006

c'est trop mimiiii !!! ah toi ausssi !!!!!!
et vive le roi soleil :)

Écrit par : WoaB | 25/12/2006

hihi so cute, i got one as well, a black one but a different brand [i know...swiss people are supposed to have money, but ipod is really killing...], but mine has same design...

thanks for the always colorful mood, i wish you merry xmas & a pinky new year ;-)

God bless u,

Écrit par : sissi | 25/12/2006

Lucky boy...

Écrit par : Lyly June | 27/12/2006

sissi :
thank u soo much for ur message :)

ahah ipods are nice i still bought everything except it but i have to admit this one is perfect and this color :))

heheh do u like the black color : )
ahah and well i'm pretty glad u like my website;)
i tend to have prob to post my comments on ur :)
i do wish u the best for the end of that year and for the next one !!

lyly june :
ahah i know lyly :)
i'll share it with u if u give me a kiss :)

Écrit par : WoaB | 28/12/2006

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