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A Swedish Smorgasbord

because we are open to the world :medium_magnus.jpg

our special and beloved reporter from sweden s gonna speak about his special Noël's reveillon :)

here it goes : Stockolm Boi :



 "In times of xmas.... we should share. so do have a taste of the swedish xmas smorgasbord.the food is traditional... as old as the bearded man i think. some things do belong in the dark ages, but it does hang in there... eat and be quit!first i give u sill... swedish sushi!medium_Sill.jpg

this is fish u make in all diffrent sorts of shapes and forms and flavours... :)
we do start with the cold dishes and sill is one of them. i do love it... mums!

also "lax"--->salmon belongs here too...


suree... the swedes loves fish... maybe 10 diffrent kinds of fish on the table. to it, potatoes, sallads.
we move on to warmer stuff.... meat-balls, sausages, and a lot of diffrent kinds of meat. the high-light, king on the table, is the ham!


it lies on a traditional xmas table with an apple in it's mouth... yess.. it actually looks happy, the poor thing... almost honered to be in the middle of attention. to it, mustards...

sure there is much more like pölsa, kotunga, jansson's frestelse, rödbets-sallad, prinskorv, turkey, dopp i grytan, risgrynsgröt, knäckebröd, glögg, snaps, julöl, bruna bönor, pepparkakor and 1000000000000 desserts, but only if u are really, really lucky u will one day taste it... :))"

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