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Miss Picardie est Miss France 2007 !




Rachel LEGRAIN !!


is the new miss france 2007 !

well i'm pretty glad , she is smart ( not thats not a joke) she is only 18 and pretty small but yes she is cute :)

and by the way still cutier than Miss Paris !!

Yah cause u know there is a thing in France u shld know.. we dont know the alea jacta est stuff..

yah césar said it bitch ! damn why people reading my blog are pretty un-culturated ?? 

so the constant things are :

.  every year u Miss France has to be brown and then Blond and u can check !! thats the total truth !! the last year, the chick alexandra was blond so this year, only 5 browns in the finals ( sure in case we would have voted for a chestnut haired girl) 

. you have to see Madame De Fontenay with her special and so known hat :) her and her defunt husband had created Miss France around the fifties.. yes this old lady is quite popular :) i love her lol



. Miss Paris is forced to be ( yes in case she wld refuse) in the finalist too, even if she is ugly like this year, she has to be !! there is no option !

 . never make win the most beautiful !! u could be elected miss world ( if u're not supposed to be a man like miss 2003 :)

so this year we had to choose between some hot french chicks

when i wld have voted for :
miss alsace 
or even for miss Bretagne medium_missbretagne.jpg













and even in the last option for medium_missrhone.jpg Miss rhône..




people in France do prefer, even if miss alsace and miss rhone was in the 12 finalists..










 to choose between an big deaf and anorexic girl ( but with a splendid face yes yes) or an smart dwarf mixed with a female puppy ..



well i voted for miss aquitaine who was for me the most beautiful of the last 5th.. medium_misss3.jpg

 but no, instead of voting for the deafy girl and i would have voted for her ( cause i do think that would be the perfect Miss in the world , she wants a world in peace but in silence !! the perfect woman not able to speak and to hear nothing.. well she can speak but gnagna, she was beautiful but too skin for me )


they elected the intelligent dwarf !






Et miss Touquette ? :o)))))))

Écrit par : Cisco | 10/12/2006

Je n'ai pas regardé l'élection miss France cette année, l'année dernière non plus, d'ailleurs je ne me souviens pas laquelle j'ai vue la dernière fois...
Comme je suis chauvine j'aurais voté miss Bretagne, puis miss Alsace puisque j'y étais ce week-end et ensuite Miss Rhone parce qu'elle a un très beau sourire
Bon, la Picardie c'est sympa aussi :)))

Écrit par : Marie | 11/12/2006

miss bretagne a ce style des années 20 que j'aime enormement, c'est glam au possible.. je suis fan :)

Écrit par : WoaB | 11/12/2006

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