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A New Channel is Born



 well after the mediocrity of CNN,BBC wld and after the propagande of Al jaz.... 

in some hours u gonna be able to watch FRANCE 24!!

the new international channel !!

its gonna be a french view on the world !! so i'm sure its gonna be pretty different from others and surely more interesting !!

i really cant wait to see how its gonna be !!!

so FRANCE 24 is called france 24 because its gonna be a 24hr international news :-)

isnt it pretty?? damn !!

i was reading in another blog that France was loosing her ( yah france is a female) culture and blabla.. but we still have a lot to give and i'm pretty glad to be french for all the best and also the worst :-)

this new channel will show to the world and to the other westerners that we dont all have only a vision of the events !! that we can analyse ourself the news and share it with the world :-) 

that was an idea of Chirac ( i do love that man) and the chanel s gonna be in french but also in english and some of it in some months in arab :-) 

GO OUT INthe closet RFI OR TV5 !!France 24 is here !

well the first to be able to watch it s gonna be the europeans, the middle east,  all africa but also the state of NY and the city of washington !!

and then later the rest of america and asia :-) u can click here ======> to watch the france24 channel 

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