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Linda Sundblad: the "Hit" comin from sverige

Linda sundblad is a swedish singer, sure in France she is totally unknown..for some reasons :-)

but what we found really old is like really " fashion" over there :-) THANK God ( OHH fatherrr lol) i do love the old sounds :)

they found or music boring well sure but we do have the lyrics ;-) they dont lol

so the singer is as skinny as any good singer shld be nowadays.. she has white teeth ( she is swe after all) but not that well-lined ..anh yes,i shld not forget to tell u that the lyrics are not related to the dogs she is touching in the video ( perverts !!) 

 When I woke up this morning
feeling closer than ever to god
wish he’d sent me a warning
but he forgot, now I feel so bad

can you keep it, this dirty secret?
can you feel me, oh tell me you do?
can you heal me, cos I’m a believer?
and I’ll be waiting here till you do...

oh father
I’ve been having these thoughts and I’m sorry
say a prayer you know what I need
oh father
I’ve been touching myself and I’m worried
is heaven still open for me?

it was not my intention
thought he was from heaven sent
so here’s my confession
I know I made a fool of myself

can you do it, can you forgive me?
can you make it, make it undone?
can you heal me, cos I’m a believer?
and I’ll be waiting here till you do...

could you guide me all the way to paradise and brighter days?
I’ll do anything, if you know what I mean,
I don’t wanna go down
oh father...

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