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Why do I have a cell?

A lot of people are still asking why do i have a cell phone??
welll to commmmmunicate i wld answer ...
but then as they noticed i dont often pick up the phone.. and i never reply to textos ..
heyyyyy i'm just addicted to voicemails !!!
is it my fault??
nah but nah.. my cell is usefull.. i do phone to a lot of people ..sometimes i really do .. just like " OH my god  im again in late" ..
i do have the néo thing so it means i can call in whole europe and us for the same price as in france.. and i can call everynight from 20h to 24h to all cells and homephone in france.. but heyyy
that period of the day ( or night if u prefer ) is my "busy time" so  usually my sis phones instead of me :-)
i never pick up the phone cause i never have my phone with me.. this shit is not like a watch !!!its difficult for me to have my phone with me all day long..  so i never hear it ringing.. or when i do its too late lol
sure i could cal lback but then if its really important the person will call again right?
About the textos ... my friends tend to send me more textos since they saw i never pick up the phone..i do receive that kind of textos :
" hey cycy when u bought that cell they gave u a little book where its written how to pick up ur phone no?"
" i know u'rent dead so could u reply"
i feel like in a total harassement  wich is a shame ..
cause i like to phone.. my best time on phone is with that girl from the north 11 hours :-) lol  so i CANT say i dont like to phone its just that they have to invent new cells phone just adapted to me :-)
yahh adapted is the word


ohhhh brainless youuu!!
we love u as u r!! with your faults as well (coz yes!! not carrying your phone around all day long and answering to it is a FAULT!! even a SIN!!!!)
I guess it's the generation gap!! rotfl!!! people ur age don't use their phone a lot... they don't think about it!
you should complain to god for not being clever enough to understand who a phone works!!
mwaaa kisses

Écrit par : Juju | 03/12/2006

rohhhh !
me too i love myself as i am lol
yes yes lol
and noooo its not a sing lol
what a bitchhh the generation gap !!!!!
*the next serial killer has talked*

Écrit par : WoaB | 04/12/2006

me a bitch ?? no! never
am always nice!
see, here i gave u a compliment! and what do i get ? i'm a bitch??!!

Écrit par : Juju | 04/12/2006

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