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la nuit des grands soirs

Today was a grand day :-)

i was in a special good mood :-) i had fun with Geoffrey,by doing the sex and purity tests and also had nice conversations with some of my friends .. actually this week was quite genius :-)

i saw laure-anne, i didnt see her since 6 months !!! the bitch !!!

kacha came to speak with me on msn, sure she could not meet me in any bar coz she is in poland :-)))

my parisian and favorite aunt came to lyon and offered me a nice yves saint laurent bag with a bigggg mirrorr to cure my narcissim surely..

my bro is turning 25 , and i'll soon consider him like an old single man lol

and i'met a lot of news girls, like élodie and i make my friendship with célie more deep lol wich is fantastic cause she is fabulous :-) lol and cute too and single !! lol

 but tonite my friends, my dear and loved friends.. was a weird night..

Etienne said to his mom that he was gay .. and she didnt reacted quite well.. but thank god he listened me and he told to his bro he was before telling to his mom .. he still has a support..

Stockolmboi, my lite sottis is going back to the military camp .. it means i'll be able to speak withhim only by voicemails , wich is cool ,cause its free and we can hear the voices, but boring cause u have to send it by internet on my cell..

And tomorrow the TCL, the bus company is going on strike.. and i still dunno what for .. wich is great cause it gives me an excuse to not go in class ( yahhhh) but also guiltyness to not do nothing of my life lol 

and the worst of everything .. i'm gonna have a lot of homework to do ..  the next weeks re gonna be really bad ..

winter is comming, etienne too lol stockholm boi too , i have all my exams to  study and a lot of homework to give back .. i've just chosen my subject for my "mémoire" damn .. boringgg 

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