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De villiers is still a good alternative

YAHH , u lust be thinking, that guy is crazy :-)

i'm homo :-à

yahhh maybe u didnt notice the pink color on my webpage..

heyy who knows?? maybe some blind people are reading  me? lol

my fav candidate for the french presidential elections of 2007 is Philippe de villiers, wich is fun cause this afternoon in my english class i'm gonna pretend i'm philippe de villiers lol

the only bad point about that guy is for the european union and for the homo marriage..

but i'm do agree with the rest of what he said.. "France doesnt have to adapt herself to ISlam but Islam has to adapt itself to France !!"

and plus this guy is sexy LOLOL  <=== me superficial?? neverrr


 no but as i dont wanna vote for lepen, because of european union, and again less for the pro-american
sarkozy .. i do have only de villiers, bayrou and royal ..
so we gonna realize how hard the choice s gonna be  in some months .. 

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