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The crisis in Occie

So i'm supposed to be the extremist of Occie.. wich could has ben pretty quiet .. cause occie is the most powerful country in that fake world..

guillaume is the president, ( this boy is dumb and is a real asshole) and the wonderful miss célie is the ambassador :-)

our two main objectives are to try to have our region in peace.. and to have several energetic sources..

we do have two pipelines in the nordie country, one has been attacked so the nordiens with the pacifia's treaty has decided to build a new one , stronger and blablabla.. the problem is that nordiens tend to stop it when we do have tensions.. wich as u can guess is not the best for us.. 

they wanted to destroy the second pipeline from the south, we build it with the pax democratica ( occie, transoccie, sudistan and sudie) the problem with that treaty, we are not longer in that stuff actually, is that transocciens have won too much power.. and they increased the military rate ( its 15.8 % now) !! its crazy !!

so now, the transocciens and sudiens are really angry against us and they said we were really xenophobic and a lot of bad stuff, imperialists because of our army in ouestistan and our help to sudistan and to transorians ( the people without country in the east).

the alliance of the east ( orie, oristan, estistan ) didnt want us in their council to solve the problem of transorians. but we do have legitimation thank to transoriens ! they wanted a powerful country to help them.

we had been forced to help the ouestistan, and to send them a military help, because the nordiens and the transocciens were close to fight.. and our aim is going for the peace..

our project, is to build another pipeline going from nordistan , sea, ouestistan and sea and us.. like this we will totally free and not depending on nordie or sudistan..

the big problem with all that stuffs, is that my president is a dumbass.. not able to react, .. and he never listen us, nor i or the diplomat..

wich is a shame, cause we are in a democracy !! and guillaume is like a dictator..thats why i made a revolution and this one since today is becoming again worst ..

actually to make a revolution i'm forced to convince the teacher that all is legitimated and that i have good reasons to do it..and the teacher agreed with me..

celie the ambassador is also agreeing with me so :-) maybe i'm gonna the next president of occie and i'm gonna lead the world to the peace :-)


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