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la simulation de crise : c'est le pied

here we go ..some of u saw i was talking about my " crisis simulation".. 

so let me explain the rules of the game and the world system .. like this u will know what i'm speakin about..

thats the world lol
in the world we are 3 actors: the president, the ambassador and the extremist :-)
 that's the geographical situation of the world :-)
this is the strategical power.. like occie, orie and nordie do have the nuclear power, the others are a bit shity ( anhhh thiRd world?)
so the situation nowadays is,  the nordiens have left the ouestistan and this country is now related to the occiens army.
the pax democratica( alliance with occie( not anymore) transoccie, sudie and sudistan) is not that well and the transoccie and sudie felt insulted by occie when this last decided to leave the alliance.
the TNP, the non proliferation treaty for the nuclear has been signed by occie and nordie but not orie who gave a good level of nuclear to oristan..
the oristan, orie and estistant are insulted because occie is involved about helped the nation without country ( the transorians) 


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