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i'm involved in that shit

as u can see i'm pretty involved in that TD :-)crisis simulation is pretty fun .. we do have rules and its like to be acting in the real world :-)

people are cowards, traitors, some are honest some are weak .. its pretty fun ..

we do all have different objectives and we are all, in a way, fighting ..

i do enjoy it and thank to it i met a lot of new people like célie ( my ambassador)  élodie ( the extremist of sudie) florianne ( ambassador of nordie),.. and i'm pretty glad to have fun with aurélie ( ambassador of sudistan) audrey ( the transorians), vincent and albin ( president and ambassador of ouestistan)..

the thing we can see is that havin some friends, do help to resolve the crisises !!

and sometimes it makes things again more complex ( like my position face to sudistanese)

but then i think for a lot of us we do enjoy that new way of teaching, thanks to the General Dubos ( our teacher)..

cause for the first time in my studies, we are doin gsomething interactive, not only theorical stuff but also something we make evolving..

cause everyday everything can change, we do have an online forum to make declarations ( for the president and ambassadors)  we can read official declarations and even the " news" written by MR Danet ( my teacher of TD) ..

but then i'm pretty glad to have that subject cause it makes everything so complex and force everyone to change their minds and think about new alliances..



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