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No Halloween..n' i wont complain

u know my love for the american way of life .. yeah sure i do love the american ( its not always related to the am gvnmt) and i like their mind and culture ( and this soo damn sexy georgian accent) but the american way of life is good there not here..
when i came back to France, some years ago, i was scared of watching the french adopting halloween..
i do like La Toussaint.. wich is a bit the same .. dealing with the death.. but more serious .. and i like that idea to go in cemetary and think about all the beloved people..
i'm pretty glad that Halloween is not really adopted.. and each year i buy candies and i'm a real bitch with the pooor brainless children comin to ring me ( coz i'm brainless too but i'm a patriotic brainless)
so i try to explain then what is the toussaint,  fucked children they deserve to be kicked out of my balcony ..
no but heyyyyyyy !! we are in france we already have habits .. and i dont want of that commercial stuff..
i'm already shocked that the children have to write in this computer letters .. wich is a real shame to me..i like to see all the personnal handwriting..
No but i hate halloween...
so for the poor children who have tried to ask for candies ( i dont share my candiesss) i've tried to explain them what was la toussaint and guess what? they left without the candies !! try to give them culture and they do prefer to escape by asking candies to the old ladies ...
pfff stupid children.. fucked brains..

a WHOLE new World

the french version of aladdin is named "this blue dream"  and actually i do prefer the french voices lol
enjoy it lol
its never too late to watch a disney movie :-) 

The driving test


i failed mine some years ago..

this stupid tree ...

well it happens..

my friend julien showed me a nice drivin test video lol with bunifa :-)

i loved it lol it could have been me if i was a  Black female and american lol

so no it couldnt have been me lol but i do act a bit the same lol its just fantastic lol



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No Wonder i'm Gay

 i do often compare my mom with bree lol but now i know why !!

  same personality same face  : only be scareeeedddd


and they even have the same way of educatingggggggg children ( slappppppp) my sis is a bitch i'm gay and my big bro is in a military stuff LOLOL who said tv shows were only fictions? 

facial recognition


HIHI see what ive found :-) its sooooooo fun and amazing !!
 i just love it !!u can try with several photos, and u'll notice some people still appears whatever ur pic..so i think tha people are the one who lookalik u the most!


damn i'm scared now lol i have three girls and two boi LOLOL yeah cause sure ur face doesnt have only macho lines or only feminine lines lol GLORIIIIAAA u're my star !!!! lol the funny thing is that u can see a kind of " type" u're along..

like for me i did see a lot of white( a lot of keanu reeve ( eww) but also a lot of french .. and some indian ( stupid nose)

let's try with only bois..




Couscous Party

Couscous !!
i do love it !!
 my mom's couscous was fantastic
i wll not eat it twice anymoreeeee ( too much in the same dayy)

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Les pieds noirs : Gastronomic habits

Tonite is a GRAND night :-)

my mom makes the couscous :-)

so we make the cakes :-)

let me show u some of it lolmedium_photo_281006_165448.jpg

 i know this is not good for my DIIIIIETTT okkk i know i know !!medium_photo_281006_165550.jpg

but then its a tradition :-)

and how could i refuse a couscous ??

how?? how????

the good thing is that we invited a lot of frangaouis ( native french)

the only weird thing for tonite is that...

well u know we are black feet ( pieds noirs) so french/european settlers from French Algeria.. our gastronomy is different like our culture and history..

we are like european and arab in the same time.. ( i mean with our culture lol)but for tonite she bought some cheese ( u know camembert and all) cause the people invited are frangaouis.. and she bought some wine..

i do think its really weird or u eat like a black feet or not but why we are forced to mix ?? ( i dont say that for the wine coz we also drink wine with couscous but never cheese !!!)

but then i'll take pictures for u :-) 




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We Adore Le Chocolat

YEEEPEEE the salon du chocolat just started in Paris !! yeeppeee !!
that's my fav annual show :-) medium_images.2.jpg
ja chocolate is my phantasme :-) i love to make love in a pool full of chocolate yummy!!
 damn can u imagine swimming inside of it !!
what a fantastic world !!
i'm not often interested in fashion ( ok i am but not soooooo addicted) but in that special occasion i do dream about eating all the clothes :-))
So the first dress of célestina agostina with Elodie Gossuin ( left)
followed by this fantastic virginie desarnauts wearing a Cacharel dress.
ensuite we do have Sandrine Quétier wearing the lilith and mademoiselle de margaux dress (  left) and  xavier anthony with this nice clothes of les chocolats de philippe bouvier.
and we do finish with Arianne Brodier and a dress from khaled and cordon bleu
how to resist? noo we cant :-)  le salon du chocolat soon in Ny, Pékin ( beijing), Moscou and Tokyo !!!
i do love that special creations allying a famous couturier with a famous chocolatier, creating together the best sophisticated clothes for our best pleasure!

Marre de ces " banlieues"


un jour, deux jours, trois jours.. bon ça va on a compris ça fait un an que y a eu quelques incidents parceque deux presques adolescents ont preferrer fuir la police plutot que de se faire arreter ( tout a fait logique) et pour cela et par mimetisme idiot et puerile des jeunes de quasi toutes les banlieus de france se sont enflamés et ont enflamés..  des ecoles primaires, des maternelles, des voitures..

c'est vrai c'est tellement intelligent..

et c'est vrai ce sont les seuls a vivre dans la misere et nous bourgeois de tous bords, de l'extreme droite aux coco en passant par la gauche caviar.. on ne les comprend pas ces pauvs animaux vivants dans des cages a poules et baignant dans un climat qu'ils ont créé eux-meme..

Oh mais je les plains rassurez vous.. je vis moi meme en banlieue, certes pavillonnaire et bien frequentée mais banliee quand meme.

et je connais des gens qui vivent dans des banlieues  avec la signification que l'on comprend tous.. sont ils tous des dechets ? bien sur que non..et là n'est pas mon propos !

beaucoup de gens biens vivent dans les banlieues qui craignent.. mais aussi enormement de gens moins biens.. et parmis ceux ci des descendants d'immigrés qui ne se sont pas integrés ( grace a leurs parents), qui se victimisent ( grace aux medias et a la mentalité française qui prone le " on doit etre tolerant et on a fait tant de mal en afrique") qui ne font rien de leur vie ( grace a eux meme)..

et en plus il y a une comemoration pour ces deux jeunes abrutis qui se sont tués eux meme en se cachant de la police??

nah mais ou va t on ??

et une comemoration pour les civiles tués lors des emeutes pour ce pere de famille battu a mort simplement parcequ'il etait la?

Sarkozy a faillit..certes.. il aurait du envoyer l'armée dans les banlieues et non les policiers.

j'en ai ras la casquette d'entendre parler des banlieues, et des associations qui sortent de leur cadre d'actions.. allez voir sos racisme en etant blanc .. on va vous rire au nez ( et c'est du vecu)..

et les médias qui attissent le feu en balançant de l'huile..en nous montrant pendant une semaine ( et en en parlant pdt deux avant cela) d'un " anniversaire"...

 ya des fois ou j'ai envie d'etre un vrai radical tellement ça me fane. 


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Maybe Emma will come back :-)

Baby Spice still has been my fav :-)
even if i was not in France when the SPices came up ..even in the pacific we were fannnsss :-)
and i've watched them in sydney :-)
so i'm pretty glad when i see my fav turnin on hehehe
she lost some weight and here she comesss !!
so enjoy this typical brittish song lol

The Woman is responsible for the worst

yeah yeah u can believe me watch this


Miss France is Miss Europe

 in 1948 the first miss Europe was already French..
Elodie Gossuin some years ago too ..
and this year Alexandra Rosenfeld.. 
this stupid west southern girlhas been elected yesterday in kiev for the election of Miss Europe,
she won against miss ukraine, the second dauphine is miss spain..
blablablabla the show was animated by jean pierre foucault ( yeeehhhh vive le 13 !!)
the Miss Europe is representating the values, the élégance and the beauty of the old continent..
damn are the european girls stupid? do they have to look wet chicken?
i'm pretty glad a french girl won...patriotismmm... OKK we still loose eurovision song contest but we often win the european miss election !! bitchesss!!
But then congrats to this ..girl..
oh and Miss World is from tchequeland
 tatan kucharova ...the show was in varsaw in poland..
again another blond chick..  

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Girls For Life

My gals...
DAMN I Love u so much ..élodie, nelly, kacha, jenn, aurélie, anna, megan, katja,wing chi,  julie, alice, sandra, jessica, krystin,Tina, Malin, laure-anne,flore,cheng,..
damn i'm so dependant on girls..i know i can admit it ..
since my childhood i still have been only with girls.. i'm interested only into them..i can count my bois in my two hands and i'm not able to count my gals..
what i wld like to speak about is when they fing a bf..
then u disapear of their life.. as if a penis can be as fine as me..
heyy i'm a penis !when their bf will let them and break up and will call them anytime cause he didnt know what he wanted , who's gonna be there? who will she need to keep him off her mind?? YAH THINK about it bitch !..
i just dont understand it.. i mean damn i lov emy gals i wld give my life for them !!
i love them cause they share the same mind as me, we can discuss about everything and they can understand me so easily.. damn
when they will be all married ..i'm gonna turn like an old gay man with 38 cats at home..snifff
because sure they wont be interested about being friend with a man not able to  have children to understand them in their future life..

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The Blonde meets Paris Hilton

AHAH i wish my foreign friends able to understand it lol
try and try again lol
the blond minute is a  short tv show,and the blond girl who is soo fantastic receives personnalities and stars..i've decided to show u the meeting with the paris hilton LOL  all is goin, the only neurona, the proof that paris can do shopping whereas she is in the state of cerebral death LOLOL simply amazing lol
Löoovv it lol enjoy 

The Wall of The Shame : tks Bush

after the american imperialism on america latina ( did u know it was a french expression? lol) Mr Bush son,has yesterday allowed the law about buildinga BIIIIIIIIIGGG wall of 1132 kms belong Mexicoooo..what a luck !!
what a scandale !!
we all know that the RIO grande ( soooooo grande) is a sooooooooooo natural barriere !!
sure ..  and that 11 millions of people go through it every year ( legally or illegaly)
BUT then ( i like that expression lol) its a a bit weird when u do take in consideration alllllll the efforts of the last presidents to create a kind of " libre échange" ( free trade zone)  with canada and mexico..
i do think Bush is trying to change the subject in the mind of everyone " the iraq war" .. when u know that in 12 days its gonna be the parlementarian elections and that the conservative wing surely s gonna loose it ..
 i think the american shld realise and do something , go on strikes mennnn 


L'Olympique Lyonnais: Always Win

The OL soccer( we gonna say football like in english from uk)  team  is winning all the championship of Europe.. they fought the real madrid, they wonfor 4 times the french championship.. and in the same week they destroyed the OM ( marseille team) and the PSG ( the paris team) ...
the funny thing is that since Lyon is winning matches in the european championship ( european ligue i think its called ) people from all places come to speak with me.. and again more weirdo people know where Lyon is !!!
damnn lolmedium_ol_logo.jpg
is the football a soooo FAMOUUUUSS game? and i was not even aware of it? nahhhh
the footballers are paid too much only to run after a baball .. i do personnally think that this game is a shame and that to pay people as much as they're paid is a shame..
but then in a way i'm pretty glad that thanks to that stupid and fucked game people in the world start to know some of the french geography ..  

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Warning: Hysterical Mother

Freud studied the hysterical women.. i'm  notgonna try to study the hysterical moms..cause
wich is much much much much MUCHHHH ( in case u have prob to notice how much it is ) harder !!
i tend to be hysterical myself, and actually like my sis :-)
but the worst is  my hysterical mother...
i already spoke about the school of moms.. mine chose the " hystericalation class"..
so well i love my mom and i'll die if she dies..but then we have to admit sometimes she KNOWS how to make me on nerve in 1/2 second..
even if she likes to yell and to insult ( u can notice she chooses and give some personnal insults.. for instance :
for my brother: dumbass, asshole,  skinflint ..
for me : slut, little bitch, manipulator and sure perfidious
for my sis: trainée, trollop, bitch, bitchy girl..
i just wonder.. is it normal?
u can notice that my bro has insult for men, my sis for women and me as i'm homo ( and soo lucky) i can have women and typical gay insults like"perifious" 
i know sometime i can make her on nerve quite easily too .. ( and yes i can tell her to try a diet, or take some pills ..) BUUUUTTTT i never insult her ( okkkk ...i do consider "fat cow" , " insane hurdy-gurdy " are not  insults).. 
and she says things !! oh my god !! more than the used " u take the house for an hotel" this is a nice thing.. she says stuff like "i m gonna stop to pay for ur studies, u'll live under a gate and i'wont care" sureee in that period of the fight i'm forced to yell" who caresss i'll prosecute you  in justice and I'll take you till u last coin of money.."..
and the worst !!  when she is loosing the fight ( because of our persecuation ) she phones to my dad ( he is policeman) and she said " ohh  darling , they hurt me , they insulted me i'm a pooor womann" and sure she said that with a soft and glamouruous  voice ( notice she never calls my dad " darling") ..
am i a bad son ? SHOULD I  say nothing and only answer "yes mom" ( u have to knowfor that special occasion  she insults me since two days, maybe she has   the  English who unloads... )are we supposed to stayall quiet  and just smile to her ??? i do wonder cause as we tend to turn hysterica ourselve, sometimes it becomes really hard .. and i just dunno how to react.. 

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Two fathers can be a good thing

You people should watched :-)

i 'm for the adoption for Gays cause i think we deserve it as all human beings..

listen it, read it, and admire :-)

tack to Daniel min lite sötis :-) 

Jag är Evighet !

 yahhh I LOOOOOOVEEEE Carola lol since some years now lol so i was soo glad when she sang it in ESC lol even if it was in english , and believe me the swedish version is sooo muchhhh better !! but then   listen it the morning and u'll  have a sooo good day :-) 

Lyon is not as bad as i say ..

thats the Place Bellecour, the biggest place in europe..
u can see the king Louis in the left of the pic..SEE THAT BEAUTIFUL weatherr lol some mins after we have been forced to take off the pulls and to be like with a small sweat :-) ya yaaa
yeah thats my finger..heyyy i've never said i was a good fotografer lol
so this is the rhône :-) in the left of the pic u can see my univ :-)medium_photo_211006_152928.jpg
and this one is taken from the bus lol its L'île Barbe a nice middle aged island ( i worked there in a really good restaurant l'auberge de l'ile :-)
with the Chef  Jean-Christophe Ansanay-Alex :-) wich is really nice :-) a good Boss i can say lol i've worked there for 8 months i was 18 yrs old ( so the "gone" it means the child lol ) u can click on l'auberge de l'ile u'll see the website :-) its pretty close of my house lol like 5 mn in car lol
So Lyon is not that bad as i usually say..well sure the people are cold and the most dumbass( well still less rude than parisian ) but then not open minded..
and their accent..arghh
but the city is marvellous..i think u can live really well, the univ are pretty fines we do have the second  biggest library in France andLyon is the capitale of Gastronomy of France too ..so sure even when i'll leave this city, i'll come back with pleasure :-)( never say to someone from lYon i have said that lol)

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Why u shldnt vote for Sarko

to start, a little text about sarkozy, ( thank to marie for this)

Dans l'ouvrage d’Eric Branca et Arnaud Folch, Le mystère Villiers, on peut lire la confidence de Nicolas Sarkozy à Philippe de Villiers :
"Les deux hommes, qui se tutoient, n’ont jamais été intimes. Leur dernier déjeuner commun remonte à 1999, peu après les européennes où la liste Pasqua-Villiers avait devancé celle du duo Sarkozy-Madelin. Alors en pleine traversée du désert, le député-maire de Neuilly avait eu cette phrase, à l’adresse du Vendéen – qui n’est pas prêt de l’oublier : « Tu as de la chance, Philippe, toi tu aimes la France, son histoire, ses paysages. Moi, tout cela me laisse froid. Je ne m’intéresse qu’à l’avenir …"

 ( in this  book  u can read that sarko was saying to  philippe de villiers ( another political man) " ohh philippe u're lucky coz u, u love France, her ( yah france is a female lol) history, her landscapes.. me, all of that let me cold..i just care about the future..)medium_thumb_voterlepen.jpg

I can admit Sarko did and is doing some good stuff, when he speaks about the immigration, France is one of the only countries in the world to not select the immigrants ( can u imagine !!)

to give more power to the police .. ok why not

to say that the justice is too laxist and that we shld reform it( sure this is not new)..

but then to erase some gendarmeries to put police department in some cities ( and increase of twise the number of policemen) looks like a beginning of totalitarism..

and he is pro american !! damn pro american ?? when i'm sooo glad about what Chirac has done against Bush !! this stupid boi is pro american !! 

he would like to apply the uk economy to france, as if it was realistic !! i dont want to loose all what we won in centuries just because a guy is not able to find some french solution ..

then let me become more radical.. this guy is from the rich bourgeoisie of hungary.. he is ugly.. and he tries and seduced a lot of extremists.. how this is possible?? can u tell me??

what lepen was saying some years ago, is said by sarko right now.. i heard some people call sarko like " the light lepen" no surprise then..

the thing which tends to worry me the most is this kinda " fanatisme" of his supporters.. its sarko or nothing..as if they were sick or not able to think or to see the reality ..

and believe me i'm like a radical from the right !!and this man is scarying me.. its like saying what lepen say but just saying" im just direct, i just say what i see, what it has to be done,i'm not from the FN"..

this guy is not even french for me, what would become France with a guy not able to think like most of us?a guy able to not allow the freedom of speech of the majority.. 

actually i could write 15478584 pages about why u shld not vote for him .. 





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i'm still sooo Fan of



Iceland is a bitch

i Still thought Iceland was a nice country, close of the nature blablablabla

but then  what about the whales !!medium_baleine_bosse_003.jpg






i heard they again started to kill whales ..i know japan is also doing that but all of that is a real SHAME !!

i would like the world take sanctions against these countries.. economical sanctions ..

to me to not respect the nature is like to not respect the human's rights...

and maybe again more ..

i liked what fabius said .. i dont like that man at all .. but then he would like our country to have like the minister of environement the second most important in the gouvernement..

Roseline Bachelot was a good ministre, and actually i like most of her ideas..a lot of people was thinking she was just perky with her pink suits .. but no i heard her several times and well she was convinced about what she was speaking about so :-) 

but then the point is that, i'm not a left wing guy, and i dont understand why the environemental party is in the left wing in france, coz to me its not even related !!

 i'm a liberal in economy, conservator in some other points, progressist in some other and definitively for ecology ..

i think we shld erase all the political parties in france.. (and also kill all the dinosaures)..

It s  a shame to be allow to choice in some stuff u 're not even close of ..just because what u're is not representated.. i'm angry against the us not even for the iraq war ( this was just a proof of their stupidity) but for the kyoto traité .. this was also a shame..



Wanna see Les Foons?

ALL of u know my love for that special movie :-) so i've decided and thanks to Etienne ( he explained me how to add a video , heyyy i've never said i was smart !!)  



un petit secret de moi :-) le charlestonnn !!!
rien de tel pour me mettre de bonne humeur !!
ya pas a dire a cette epoque ils savaient faire de la musique qui donne envie de danser :-)
dire que je sais danser la valse  le chacha la salsa ..et meme pas le charleston sniffff
m'en fous j'apprendrai !!
j'aime trop trop trop :-)
D'ailleurs si par chance quelqu'uns connaissent des titres sympa a ecouter !! je suis ouvert :-)
ahah watch it : 

My new Diet : anoraxa

yah i've decided ( again) to start a diet..

well winter is coming and i have alll that beautiful clothes i cant wear for the moment !! so i wanna wear them !!!

thats my aim :-)

so as a new start i've decided to purge myself..

in one another word .. to stop eating that much :-) not that i eat that much i eat around 1580 calories everyday wich is nothing for a big guy like me..but only with that i dont loose weight..so be radical be strong !

i think anorexic people are really strong.. stockholm told me they were really weak..well i know some anorexic girls, its sound like a disease ..but i also think the fat people are suffering from a disease.. as if it was easy to keep the same weight, to control everything u eat..

and then how we call the fat or overweight people? the lazy weak people..

 I DONT Admire anorexic girls,i feel sad for them,but i admire models..

yahh there is a diff :-)

 BUT THEN i'll tell u if it works, i'm sure it can be interesting :-) 

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MAM présidente?

Michéle Alliot-Marie, and why not?
she is our ministre de la défense since a long time now and we have to admit she has done a good job. 
a lot of people would like her to be a kind of challenger for Sarkozy..which could be a GRANNNNDD THING, ( like this i wont be forced to vote for the leftwing :-))medium_01.12.05_MAM_083ter.jpg
So Michéle or MAM could be the alternative to MISS Royal ( even if i think miss royal is much cutier) MAM has more power and she has a real vision of what France shld be.
she doent believe what a lot of people say " the déclin de la france" and she believe in a France independant and strong as we still have been.
she tends to have the same idas , or she tends to continue what De Gaulle have started.
medium__988994_ladymayor150.jpgand i think i wldnt hesitate to vote for Mam INSTEAD of Sarkozy..
i'm talking about her cause in the newspapers they spoke about her and today she was in washi and some journalists ask her if she s gonna be a candidate ..she answered " it depends on the people"
well MAM !! come on !! erasee sarkoo ! and represents the right wing !!! yeappeee 

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The Gouvernator

We all have been shocked when we saw the austrian mister muscles won the election of governor in California..well in the usa all is possible " u can do it" wld tell u nickkyyyy brand lol
and Reagan was an actor before being président... sooo lol
but actually after some time.. i can just admit that Schwarzi was not a soo bad choice..
first for the gay rights:Arnold Schwarzenegger’s veto of the bill to legalize same-sex marriage in California,
California gays should pause to reflect on exactly what happened yesterday, and on how far we have come in the last five years.

The news, taken in context, is very encouraging.

Although the governor vetoed legislation that claimed to legalize same-sex marriage, he also advanced the gay rights movement on five important fronts. While vetoing the homo marriage legislation, he signed the following gay friendly bills:

AB 1400, The Civil Rights Act of 2005, which adds sexual orientation and marital status to the Unruh Civil Rights Act

AB 1586, which prohibits discrimination based on gender identity in health care plans

SB 565, which amends existing law to treat registered domestic partners the same as married couples regarding property tax reappraisal when a partner passes away

SB 973, which amends existing law to allow public employees who retired before AB205 went into effect to add a domestic partner as a beneficiary

And most importantly, the governor issued a strong, unequivocal message to the far right: Schwarzenegger will oppose any effort to strip gays of rights and responsibilities afforded under California’s domestic partnership laws.

What a difference five years (and a recall election) makes. California has never had a governor take such a strong, unequivocal position in defense of gay rights.

BUT Also and AS IMPORTANT:for the ecological plan he is making.

sure this is related to his european mind..austrian like german or most of european are close of the nature.

he is the first in the us nation to make things improving, since Bullsh ( iiittt) is in power, toward the ecological system ..

so even if the governator is a republican, he is doing quite a good job :-)


Being Homo in France

I had that discussion with Etienne..
IS IT good to be homo in France..France the country of the human's rights..the country of Freedom and République..
First point : well i'm homo and i've never have been insulted till now.. and i can kiss my boy friend in the street without feeling i'm gonna burn like jeanne d'arc ..
actually most of people are even nicer when they know u're " gay"..
even the law protect me, if someone insult me of " faggot" i can call the police..
we have some representants in the political power, Bertrand DELANOé ( i dont like him yet) is homo, and a lot of another men.. 
BUT there are still some probs..
we do have a kind of civil union called the " pacs" but its more like a fake marriage than a real civil union: I DO WANT a Homo Marriage. we are citizens like everyone else and we should be allowed to marry if we want. ( even in the constitution its written " man with woman" ) a constitution is made to be changed yet !  
second point the adoption.. the pussy's lickers can have children without any help.. and we, the male homos, cant!
so why are we not allow to raised children, and before it to get them?
FOR ME two men should be allow to raise children and i think for most of us we would be better parents than most of the straight people..cause we know how lucky we would be to be parents ..and sure i do think a child can be raised by two men without any psycho problems, but YES i want them to have a mom too( i mean a feminine presence close to them) cause i do think its also important to have a dad and a mom.. but are two men worst parents than two women? than divorced parents?than alcolic parents?parents who didnt wanted thm?than children molesters?
stop this pseudo psychology we should be allow to have children!!
so yes being homo is pretty easy ( i mean in the area's cities ) but even in the towns it seems quite easy, it seems a bit harder in the villages yet...but its evolving quite fast.
i'm really against the gay pride, cause why shld we claim our difference if we wanna be normal citizens? and actually the french pride is a shame .. a lot of people naked, kissing, touching in a dirty way .. and then most of homos think its like not really representative than what the homos really are.. 
and the straights go in it just cause " its fun and the gay know how to have fun" .
But i'm for an equality with STRAight people cause we also pay for the public services .. and a lot of things we dont even need as being gay.
YES, France is a nice place to live when u're homo..i can just admit it ..but we still have some points to make clearer..THE Best POINT is that most of the french seems really open and really gay friendly :-)  

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A description of me as a libra homo man??

"As one of the truly bisexuals signs of the zodiac, he is especially paradoxical in his sexual attractions. In brass tacks, Libra is prone to liking threesomes, of either the female-male-female or the male-female-male variety. Having a bisexual female partner is an especially thrilling possibility to the Libra, as the possibilities seem endless. As if Libra's paradoxical nature wasn't confusing enough, he's at once attracted to the straightestof men and the most ambiguous of women. Of all gay men, Libra is perhaps the least naturally inclined toward steady relationships. His attraction to straight-acting, -appearing, and indeed –identified men finds him hooking up with the most barely bisexual characters – “closet cases” – with whom he shares a homoerotic, rather than strictly homosexual, approach to same-sex contact. Libra can be quite the little male Lolita, precociously prevoking whatever submerged gay fantasy another man might possess. Like his straight counterpart, gay Libra likes to keep sex light and lively: Some of the manly tops he attracts push his envelope a little further than he typically likes. He is orally adept, though perhaps not especially talented in the deep-throating department. Sixty-nine is standard sexual fare for the Scales guy, all things being equal. A need for order and control prohibits Libra from ever being the consummate submissive. Instead, he might be described as an agressive bottom."

let me comment it lol

i'm not bisexual lol sure i do love to kiss girls, touch their breats and asses but that doesnt mean i'm bi ..

and i DONT HAVE A CONFUSING nature , bitch... who wrote that kind of test??

yah this is not new that i like the straightacting boys lol i tend to be scared of the queens and crazy bois..

ohh god !! this text explain why 95% of my bf were bi !!!!

a little male lolita?lol i love that idea lol sounds exciting :-))

orally adept?? god !!! ok maybe i like to kiss it .. maybe some other stuff ..but saying i'm an adept.. ohhh deep-throating.. yah i dont like it at all..


here is the point !! the last line lol i'm not a consummate submissive !! never !! everrr never everrrrrrrrrrrr

agressive bottom? lol yah usually i do say more dominant or wild LOL

Gay turn-ons: Younger males, straight, married men, models, pretty boys, long hair, scandinavians, mutual j/o, body contact, gymnasts, swimmers, surfers, skaters, marble skin, bisexuality, threesomes, artists, landscapers, (active) nipple play, low hangers, voyeurism, (passive) analingus, (passive) lite b+d, hairy treasure trails, spas, saunas, steam rooms. bonvivantism, soccer kit, players, (active) oral

damnnn !! i do love the SCANDIIIIS lol no surprise lol younger males ( sureee)lol long hair yummyy lol models ( why nooot lol) damnn dooo i love the analingus( ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww) 



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Le pseudo dèbat d'investitutre Socialiste

Hier donc a eu lieu le 1er debat d'investiture du parti socialiste..qui portait sur l'economie et les questions sociales..
FANTASTIQUE!! vous pouvez toujours le voir( au cas ou vous auriez manqué ça) ici
parlons du décor, qui a deja fait tant parler de lui.. un décor millimetré.. du bois du blanc du transparent.. enfin une version ikea de la politique..
d'ailleurs ça sera comme ça tout le long.. aucune confrontation..une suite de reponses aussi lourdes les unes que les autres..
cela a duré un peu plus de 100mn.. meme si j'avais été socialiste, je ne suis pas sur que j'aurai survecu jusqu'au bout.. mais comme je suis " pretendument" etudiant en science politique.. je me suis forcé ..
so so so..
nous avions donc trois candidats.. trois visions de ce que le pouvoir socialiste serait.. j'ai bien ris..medium_2229336_224.jpg
Notre petit Fabius favoris, qui décidement n'a jamais eu peur de l'affaire du sang contaminé..nous a proposé comme a son habitude de demagogue et de menteur ventriloque une vision archaique du socialisme.. rien de bien palpitant..
ensuite  medium_2229342_224.jpg
 nous avons eu notre Strauss-kahn.. qui a toujours ses sourcils noirs..s'est il faut le dire le mieux defendu dans ce non debat..il n'a rien proposé de mirambolesque ( bah oui on est a gauche la) mais une certaine vision de l'avenir de la france..
Et pour finir, bien que c'etait la premiere a parler, notre lady mitterandiste..La Royal , la seule la vraie .. qui malgré tout a relativement assurée face a ses potes pachidermes..( vous pouvez aussi remarquer l'effet de style du a son tailleur blanc :-))
enfin au total, nous n'avons pas vraiment appris beaucoup de choses en 100mn..  je pense que c'etait surtout trés trés mais trésss lassant... un peu plus d'interactivité aurait été pas mal .. genre un vrai debat republicain ou les gens reagissent, se defendent et peuvent apporter de nouvelles idees..
La gauche nous a montré encore une fois qu'elle etait coincée dans son vieux corset et qu'elle ne s'en sortirait pas de sitot.. c'est dommage.. 

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Marianne James L'icone Gay au Top !


Marianne plus connue sous le nom de LA DIVA, est devenue de plus en plus populaire grace notamment a la recherche de la nouvelle Star.


 cette femme de poigne, car s'en est une femme qui se bat pour des convictions et qui a toujours su toucher son public notamment une rimbanbelle d'homos ( bé voui nous on aime les femmes les vraies :) 

et s'impliquer pour notre cause bé vouimedium_IMG_0803.jpeg

faut le dire :-)

donc notre madonne a nous a sorti son nouvel album debut octobre et que je viens enfin( bé quoiii) de me procurer !! vous aviez tous entendu "les people" :-) 

une chanson que j'adore :-) j'ai pu enfin decouvrir son album en entier :-) elle ne pousse pas trop sur sa voix et il faut le dire ses chansons sont tres eclectiques :-) mais ce judicieux melange de voix suave mais forte allié a ses paroles qui piquent au vif, sont absolument admirables ! :-)

je suis parfaitement ravi d'avoir pu me le procurer et de pouvoir savourer cette grande artiste qui nous revient dans des tons plus pops et plus accessible a tous :-) alors n'hesitez plus !! courez vous l'acheter :-)





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Les films sur les Rondes

yesterday and today i've been watching tv ..ahah i'm still..

and like everyday during the week in M6 ( the 6th channel) They force us to watch some women movies.. u know things about love, beauty and glory lol ( glory holes?LOL)

yesterday we had the " une fille a croquer (1989)" ( babycakes)medium_affiche_Fille_a_croquer_1989_1.jpg

A NICE old story about a girl who loves to eat falling in love with a sexy boi ( well in the 80s mind)

actually the girl, Grace ( ricki lake ), is pretty sexy even with fat :-)i do remember her in serial mother :-) soo nice :-)

and as all american movies, its an happy end blablabla


and today, we have the german version, sure its not an happy end the girl dies at the end lol but the sooooooooOOOoooo beautiful Sebastian Stöbel medium_sebastian_strobel.jpg



 ohh please sebastian lol thats when u want, where u want , and how u want lol  yummyyy lol this german movie " au-delà des apparences (2000)" ( Hässliche, Die ) he falls in love with her..well its sooo romantic :-) 

germans are good in soaps.. thanks god they're dubbed yet lol


i like to see that kind of movies.. not that i'm as fat as an american lol ( it wld be hard lol or it wld mean that i'm brittish lol) i like to see that some people can love even if u're different .. cause there is a worst thing than being racist , its to be fatophobe lol

A WEIRD thing, why its still the man who falls in love with a fat girl and not the contrary?  

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a Hk 's Girl 's Mind about France


 i've asked to my beautiful old friend, Crystal from Hong Kong what she thinks when we speak about France.




As a person from Hong Kong,


I am not unfamiliar with the word France or French.


I can even find something about French in Chinese character in the restaurants,


French toast.


I think France does have the power to influence my nation’s culture.


That’s why France is the favourite country for most of the Hong Kong girls,


maybe Asian girls as well.


Of course I enjoy my urban lifestyle,


getting busy all the days and walk as fast as cars on roads.


I guess I may not be able to adapt to the lifestyle in France.


As Cyril told me that he liked to spend his time on looking at some old architectures.


And my relatives in France told me that French people know  how to enjoy the quality of life well.


That’s so different from the situation in Hong Kong.


Even though I know western people spend their lifetime better than most of the people in Hong Kong,


but I think that French know it better,

否則我們就不能找到一本書 “Why French Women Don’t Get Fat”

otherwise we won’t find the book “Why French Women Don’t Get Fat”.

留意 , 為何作者不寫 “Why European Women Don’t Get Fat(為什麼歐洲女人不會肥)”,

See, why the author didn’t write “Why European Women Don’t Get Fat”,


I think it is because French people know how to keep in the best shapes,


Also included their lives, environment and the political position in the world.


I definitely love France.


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Barcelona la mierda


Mas de lo que tu piensas es un maravillos o lugar , demasiado bueno,,, con buena gente , las playas la buena arquitectura, y que??España es el pais del sol , no??

Pero , perdon por contartelo pero esta ciudad no es lo que tu esperas

Primero es un lugar sucio, la gente no sabe como balñarse a si mismos y no saben como dejar limpias las calles

Segundo , no saben hablar español,medium_19991218-barcelona-03.jpg o castellano , solo ctalan pero deberian saber que el catalan es una lengua muerta, y que no dberian hablarlo por que con  el español lo hacen desde hace mucho tiempo ¡!!! Y que no porque tengan mucho dinero nosotros tengamos que admitirlo, Barcelona esta derrada a Francia y al resto de la UE,

Son arrogantes, sufren d un complejo de inferioridad y te insultan si no hablas catalan , que vergüenza!!!!

Por que iriamos a Barcelona??porque es barata, jajaja

Si quieres ver lo mejor de España , no vayas a barcelona, es una mierda, ve a granada, Sevilla , andalucia , seras bienvenido

Incluso Madrid es un buen lugar para visitar ¡!! Porfavor  para de decirme que barcelona es uno d los mejores lugares de españaesta ciudad es la vergüenza d espalña, quieren su independencia, para que???  Si algun catalan lo lee, porfavor pare de ser tan bobo y aprenda como ser grato y amigablemedium_barcelona25.jpg

Turquie in UE

en janvier nous allons attraper deux nouveaux pays dans le cercle des l'union europeene.. deux pays faisant partis de la francophonie..ce n'est pas plus mal.. je suis pour l'elargissement de l'UE.. et je pense que c'est une bonne chose pour notre futur..ou celui de vos enfants lol
mais ou s'arrete les limites de l'UE..
il   y a quelques années j'aurai dis aprés istambul.. mais le fait est que je ne peux penser a avoir la turquie en UE..
un bon partenariat avec eux oui mais guere plus..
les turcs sont en effet tres nombreux, et peseront un peu trop politiquement parlant comparez a d'autre pays de l'union.
les turcs ne respectent pas les droits des hommes et encore moins ceux des femmes.. l'islamisme est beaucoup trop pesant dans ces contrées pour pouvoir etre admis en europe.. 
et puis il y a cette question de culture. oui nous europeens sommes differents les uns des autres mais nous avons une base commune..
rien qu'en rapport a  la chrétienté..
j'aurai aimé penser qu'un pays musulmans etait capable d'etre qualifié de moderne.. mais il ne me semble pas que pour le moment c'est possible..
la Turquie ne reconnait toujours pas le génocide des arméniens.. 
et puis n'oublions pas que geographiquement( ok selon les auteurs) la turquie reste en dehors de l'europe..
de toute maniere pour moi le probleme de la turquie ,qui fait tant debat, ne devra se poser qu'apres que nous ayons englobé la macédoine, la moldavie..  

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La crise des banlieues

I tend to be more and more scared by what is happening in the surburbian places ..

first i didnt like the first time ,in the last fall when all people were tryin to burn cars and all that kind of stuff u heard about  ..


well i dont live in a poor place and maybe i dont really understand what they're living ..but i doubt.. not everyone is like them in the banlieues !

so why some of them  wld do what they want?

it seems that even the police has some prob to enter in the cités ..more and more policemen get hurted or even killed..

why? surely coz our justice is for the foreigners.. i tend to be again more scary by it.. i went in a trial coz an arabian robb me my mp3 and tried to hit me coz i wanted my mp3 back.. well he got nothing..sure if it was me who had tried to take his mp3.. believe me i wld have surely a lot to pay ..

right now we can do nothing.. we have to pay because of our history, because of the colonisation even !!

what a JOKE !!

to me the banlieusards ( people living in the banlieue) are citizens like all of us and have to respect the same rules !

their lives are as hard as us !!! so if they wanna make some changes, they have to study more and be more integrated..

can u imagine there are some places i cant go alone cause i'm white ?? do u think its possible in a country like France??  

is it normal that the policemen have no more power to help the citizens? to protect themself? 

DAMN in wht country are we living in? my dad was telling me that when u do arrest an arabian or a black they do pretend its because of racism !! sure !!!! we are all bad white people !!  BAD BADD we have to pay to have settleddd the world .. cause sure before we settledany arabian was living in provence or in the south of spain for decennies .. suree

pff !! am i racist? no i dont think so .. but i dont like the people who are not integrated and pretend to be or just taking history as an argument.. when history can prouve the contrary ..

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AM i scary?

No but yes ..

one of my friends told me that today ..

 well this doesnt really amaze me .. coz some people already told me i was a bit .. how to say? abrupt .. 

but why to be scared of me??

am i a monster?

ok sure sometimes i'm a bit complex and my reactions are maybe not always .. logical..

but being scared of me??

i can also admit that i do have a strong personnality ..but is it a bad thing?

i do like who i am ..and sure maybe its a bit hard to understand me .. or even to try to understand me .. but heyyy we are all complex i think ..

i'm a bit shocked by this " im scared of u" .. as if i had no feelings, no emotions ..

OK OK mea culpa sometimes i like to be mean ..but only with people whos deserve it !! i promise !!

i tend to think i'm sweet .. even adorable sometimes..well i'm sure i know people able to tell i am .. ( damn i hope lol)

so why would u be scared of me? i also tend to believe i'm a smart boi, i can be comprehensive and i can try my best to get what u feel think believe.. that doesnt mean i'm gonna accept it .. but i'll surely get ur point ..

and i've never broken any friendships for a stupid thing ..( well dont tempt me lol)..

sure most people know that i do prefer hypocrisie than being direct.. hey its my way of living..and when somethings bore me i never say it in front of the person.. not because i doubt that this person wont understand, its just cause  i think its rude and that if the person is a bit smart , it will guess it by itself... 

then sure i do analyse each words people prononce..but i also think we all do that !! no? am i weird??

like when i do receive a letter why did he placed that word and not any other word and why in that special place what did he mean by that and that..

but i do think its normal .. so i'm really curious about who could be scared of me? and why?? i do want EXPLANATIONS !! 

Have u never noticed?


 Have u never noticed in the bus around 7am its already full of old people?? what and where are they doing/goin? we never know .. 

in the street when u're in late ( cause we are all everytime in late) u wanna run and no.. an old lady is walking in 2km/hrs ... and u're forced to be concentrated to not push her ..

sometimes i think we shld have that special day " euthanasy's day" .. dont u think it could be a good idea?

not but that video is a bit caricatural but soooo true !!

and they didnt show the ancestors driving !! damnn !! they say only the young have car's accidents !! thats because they never see we were too tired to drive around 12 kms/hour ( even the cyclists go faster than us) ..  

i do love the nice old people :-) they can tell u all that fabulous stories from a time they didnt know cell phones, h/m and nutella .. 

 BUT damnn !!! its a conspiration !! and when u know its soon the papy boom ... in what world are we gonna live !!!!


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L'odeur des bébés

S'il y a bien quelquechose d'extra sur terre, c'est l'odeur des bébés !!
j'en suis fan..comme beaucoup de personne je pense..
 je me suis toujours demandé si c'etait du au produit mais non je ne crois pas ..ça doit etre un truc genre feromones qui font qu'on est desuite attiré qu'on a envie de les caliner, de les etouffer jusqu'a qu'il n'y ait plus un petit souffle de vie dans leur petit corps :-) 
bon peut etre pas :-) mais au moins des les caliner tout le temps :-) moi je suis fan :-) ça donne envie de les proteger d'en prendre soin ..medium_infant-baby.jpg
c'est peut etre pour ça qu'ils sentent ça justement..
le pire c'est que je ne pourrai meme pas decrire cette odeur.. c'est une odeur de bébé..
vous trouvez pas vous qu'ils ont une odeur extra? comment ne pas tomber sous le charme..apres je me demande..tous les bébés ne sont pas beaux .. peut etre qu'ils sentent encore plus fort histoire de nous faire comprendre que l'apparence ça compte pas ..
un leurre deja a cet age la? non ..
je me demande si quelqu'un a deja analyser ça .. 

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La diversité de la France

France still have been a country of mixed origines..surely due to the several invasions.. greeks, romans,barbarian, francs,arabian,vikings,british..maybe thats why Franceis the most visited country in the world :-) we all have a relative from here lol

in theory, to me, a french is someone bornt and raised in France, whatever their origines,cultures, religions...

someone bornt in France but not raised here could not be called a french...cause he wont have that typical way of mind and way of reacting...

thats 's really easy to see..even if u're breton, from provence, lyon or even the crazy parisian.. there is something in comon..

Sure there are some differences between a breton and a provencal or a lyonnish with a parigot...like the accent, the way of eating, and even some ways of reactions ...for exemple to help u some...the coldest are the lyonnais ( u can try to speak with them..well try again) ... the parigot are the rudest and the dumbest ( never say " excuse me " to a parisian then when he hurts u he wld think its ur fault ), a breton is the proudest of his" specific" origins( but no worries, breton are less than the occitan speaking people so no proud to have guys) and to finish the provencal are the most superficial ( pfff who is writing that kind of stupidities) ...

when i  do speak to foreigners or to a french people.. it depends on who i'm speakin with but let me show a little shema :

if i speak with another provencal people i wld say i'm an aixois ( from aix en provence)

if i speak with another french but not from my region( from paris,genéve or bruxelles for ex) i wld say i'm a provencal ( well i dont need to say it , they just have to listen me lol)

if i do have a more deep relation with a french i wld say i'm not that french but i'm a black feet ( for people who have no idea i'll put another post about it )..

if i do speak with  a spanish/german/swedish i wld say i'm french but i still wld precise that i'm a black feet ( wich explain why our food is a bit different lol)

if i do speak with an american/vietnamese i wld say i'm european ( and proud of it lol) ..


it seems a bit complex actually lol

i do love to speak with different people from france it still so nice to hear their accent, to see their different point of view and their food lol the food is one of the most important lol its so different :-)

actually i know why France is the most visited country in the world.. we do have so many things to see, so many beautiful places ..i should add some pictures .. the only weird thing is that why, me being french, i do know more spain or italia than my own country ..  

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nah je retire

je retire mon ancien post..

nah nah je ne suis pas pret, je n'ai pas decidé vraiment je retire .. ça fait quoi deux heures que j'ai ecris le post et je deprime comme un dingue rien qu'a lidée de penser que je serai loin  pendant si longtemps..

d'un autre coté j'ai toujours dis que mes etudes passaient avant tout..mais heyyy je suis a l'ecole depuis mes 2 ans ..

et puis pourquoi ça ne serait pas possible pour moi?

nah je retire ..je suis incapable de choisir sans avoir toutes les cartes ..

oui mais nah nah nah nah nah ...

 on dirait que je suis schyzo .. 

nah mais c'est vrai quoi? d'accord j'ai 22 ans mais c'est pas une raison pour que j'ai a faire face a de telles decisions..en plus personne m'aide a choisir .. le destin il attend quoi?

moi j'en dors plus la nuit ..et encore les personnes concernées sont gentilles de ne pas me mettre la pression .. parceque la je me serai deja dopé aux tranquilisants quoi ..


j'ai tellement toujours chercher a fuir cette faculté de malheur..en plus j'aurai encore brustlein cette année en prof de td..et coté impartialité c'est pas ( cf donné un 15 a une fille australienne de 17 ans en 3eme année !!) ..

en plus ils vont donné trop de boulot .. je me demande ... je veux partir pour echapper a mon année? non parceque ça fait deja deux ans que je veux fuir ..et si je signe je reste encore jusqu'a juin ..

et puis crotte a la fin , un magister suedois ça doit bien valoir nos deux années de master..

m'ennervent tous !! brulez tous !!

ok je retire ça aussi .. 


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ayé mon choix est arreté

enfin .. enfin je ne suis pas sûr.. mais je crois ...

 on m'a toujours dis de choisir ce que je preferrai ...chose que je n'ai jamais faite .. 

du coup pourquoi changer ma ligne de conduite ..

je crois que ma décision est prise.. faut encore verifier quelques trucs mais ça devrait rouler...et puis au fond .. on verra ... si ça touche quelques personnes.. si elles tiennent a moi ..elles comprendront non?

je n'aime pas remettre les choses au lendemain mais ça me semble decidement trop compliqué..

je n'ai jamais aimé choisir..trop cornelien..et ça me prend des mois .. depuis septembre je suis dessus..

mais j'en ai marre du coup a hesiter entre plusieurs chemins j'en prend aucun et je me retrouve comme un ^ne devant un mur..

j'ai bien sur peur de louper quelquechose .. mais je n'ai pas encore fait mon temps et je crois qu'il faut agir par priorité.. donc advienne que pourra...


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Mimie Mathy, Ange ou non?

Mimie Mathy is one of these actresses we all know..
i do remember when i was a child i was soooo in love with her :-) like " oh mommmmmmyyyyy i wanna see that movie with the little blond woman"  i was still so excited :-)
but then i grow up and mimie mathy was not so much on tv.. and she came back with " joséphine the angel guardian ", in that saop she is an angel over france ( but also belgium and french places) and she helps the people..  i do love that tv show :-) 
we missed something fresh and nice over the french Paf ( it means tv programs)and this tv show was really new:-) and a woman as the hero :-) and a little woman :-) really atypical :-)
well she never really disapeared she still have been with les enfoirés ( an helpfull association for poor people) but then ..
i do like her and she is from Lyon ( i just discovered that today in her website lol ) i'm not fan of people from Lyon but then a lot of good people are from here so :-) well lol c'est la vie :-)
one of my problem is that a lot of people think that first the dwarves are the worst people ever.. and that mimie mathy is an awful woman.. like soo proud of her and blabla..medium_mimie65fa.jpg
i read some of the comments posted on her forum.. and some people were saying that she answered letters .. so why people would be that mean? are they jealous?? or is mimie a monster of selfishness and just thinkin about getting more and more money?
well i also know she has like 6 or 7 filleuls wich is not nothing .. and i really doubt that she wld be the monster people are speaking about ..
but the point is that i'm glad that she is a good actress and playing in a so good tv show :-) its really appreciated :-) and i just do wish she will continue to give us that optimistic vision of life :-)  

Suis-je mégalo?

C'est une question que l'on m'a posée il y a quelques jours .. faire un site sur soi, sur sa façon de voir le monde.. et puis la banniere !! le comble d'aprés ce que j'ai compris !!
alors oui je m'aime .. ne dis t on pas qu'il faut s'aimer soi-même pour pouvoir aimer les autres?? 
en plus, je ne m'aime pas particulierement je songe a devenir anorexique, a me faire greffer un cervelet et un coeur par la meme occasion...
NAH mais nah ce n'est pas un blog nombrilocentré...je ne parle pas que de moi ... enfin je crois pas..bon je me plains bcp ..et alors?? en meme temps c'est mon blog quoi ? je vous dois quelquechose?? ah vi? bon d'accord..
si j'ai créé ce blog c'etait pour pouvoir m'exprimer, expliquer mes pensées, tenir au courant mes amis sur ma vie, vu que le portable et moi ça fait 454542121554215458475... mais aussi pour aider a la comprehension de l'être pseudo compliqué que je suis .. ( mais en fait si vous me comprenez pas c'es tque vous êtes nul tout simplement..)  Bah vi quoi .. c'est pas une oeuvre humanitaire ici .. en plus mine de rien ce blog me prend beaucoup de temps .. que je pourrai passer a faire des choses bcp plus palpitantes.. aller me beurrer la gueule en ville par exemple..
explication de la banniere: alors on voit mon regard la tour eiffel et le nom de mon site et la phrase d'accroche..
mon regard c'est pour montrer que ceci est un blog personnel qui certes parle de politique, de mode ou peu importe mais qui encore est un blog qui vient de mon cerveau de pintade malfamée..
la tour eiffel en tout petit derriere c'est pour signifier que mon point de vue, mes opinions sont français et le plus souvent sur la France.
d'ailleurs un oeil pseudo averti verra que mon regard pars VERS la tour eiffel et pas Vers mon nombril..
et le nom du blog et son accroche sont en anglais car j'ai ce surnom depuis plus de 4 ans et que ça risque pas de changer..en anglais parceque bien que je n'aime pas les anglais et la majorité des autres nations anglosaxonnes, enormement de mes amis ne sont pas français et ormis le français, l'anglais devient un peu obligatoire.. d'ou le fait que je varie les articles selon les humeurs et les sujets :-)
donc je n'ai pas creer ce blog dans un but d'adoration de ma divine personne ..non non.. je l'ai creer pour pouvoir experimenter le net, pour pouvoir me liberer de certaines pensées et pour pouvoir rencontrer des gens ou permettre a mes amis de me comprendre et de m'aider dans mes reflexions ou dans mes choix de vie.. 


Les Hommes de Mars, les Femmes de Vénus..et les Homos?

Jag har tänkt på någonting. Hur kommer det sig att en homosexuell relation är lika svår som en heterosexuell? Jag vet att vi, i alla fall de flesta, låtsas att vi lever i en heterosexuell värld. Men det är skillnader, även om man inte kan välja, att vara aktiv, passiv eller ombytlig.

Men eftersom det inte går att välja, vad kan man göra?


Är det meningen att vi ska leva som heterosexuella? Är man kvinnan om man är den passive? Det tycker inte jag. Jag har alltid tyckt att två män tillsammans fortfarande är två män. Detta trots att vi är mer som djur än fittslickaren. Ändå verkar det som att den som blir påsatt lättare får ryktet att vara lösaktig än den som sätter på, även om det krävs 2 för att ha sex!!


Förresten tycker jag inte om uttrycket ”att ha sex”…. är vi djur??

Jag vet att många straighta använder uttrycket och det är värre när tjejer gör det, men för bögar verkar det helt normalt att använda ”att ha sex”.

När jag talat om detta har många sagt att jag är gammaldags, typ från 1700-talet. Men hallå! Vet inte folk att man var ännu mer pervers då än nu???


Det är inte så att jag heller älskar än har sex, jag gillar sex, som alla andra…  men föredrar det med den man jag älskar. (heheheh). Och visst, mitt sätt att se på detta är konservativt, men kärlek är det viktigaste! Jag kan helt enkelt inte ha sex med en kille jag inte känner.

Och det värsta är att det är svårt att hitta en kille som känner som jag… och detta är inte normalt! Och förresten, är sex så himla viktigt?


Jag skulle verkligen vilja att bo med en kille utan att ha sex med honom.. och det betyder inte att vi inte älskar??

Visst, jag är fransk, detta har gjort det enklare att ”älska” istället för att ”ha sex”… inte alls som att vara svensk… Jhehe… ok killar (och tjejer) vi vet att det är enkelt att få en svensk för en natt… ni verkar ha tappat all moral.


Jag har vänner som fortfarande är oskulder och 25 år. Det tycker jag är coolt och på ett sätt är de fortfarande ”oskyldiga”…. Inte slampor som ni J lol nej.. men ja..


Jag vet att jag dömer lätt, bögar mer än andra. Därför har jag alltid varit emot att man ska vara gay och stolt över det. Jag bryr mig inte. Jag är inte gay i något community…. Jag är homosexuell och det är jag därför att jag älskar en annan man.


Är det svårt att förstå? Jag blir hellre kallad fjolla än gay. Varför har det plötsligt blivit inne att vara gay?? Jag är inte gay utan homosexuell och det är mitt sätt att ha känslor.


Visst är jag för rätten att gifta sig och skaffa barn, även om ett barn behöver en mamma och inte bara två pappor. Att vara bög har gjort att man representeras av alla bögar som finns, men nej…..alla bögar är inte ”gay”… och detta ska göras klart! Jag tycker inte det är någon skillnad att vara bög jämfört med att vara straight. Och en homosexuell relation är lika svår som en straight eftersom vi alla är olika individer med olika sätt att tänka, kulturer, utbildning, sätt att reagera, att tänka på…


Så folk borde sluta se oss om fjolliga partyanimals… och inse att våra liv är precis lika svåra som andras, kanske tom ännu svårare. Vi har samma relationer som bygger på kärlek och är lika starka som de normala. Men, jag tror fortfarande på Oss, på de Straighta, jag tror på Kärleken (och då är det inte ens Carola som skriver lol)

U CAN find the translation in the blog of Etienne :-)  


L'école des mamans

we all have a mom..

i know we are not really allowed to criticize them .. sure we all were  inside of their utérus so yeaaaahhh ok for some of them they had pain and blablablabla..


ok but does this explain all the rest?


u know the school of moms??

have u ever heard about that shit??

well believe me !! all the mom all over the world have been in that school ! and they studied soooo hard !!

so many hours of work , of studies ..

in that school there are different majors:

and one of them is a general major: all moms are forced to study it : the " complain" major !

some exemple of wat u can learn in that class : "this house is not an hotel"

                                                                    " where do u think that u do live?"

                                                                    "i'm not a robot /bobonne/conchita/maria ( whatever with a spanish name "..and thats only some exemples :-)

then all the moms are divided in several classes ..

some go to the " peace and cool class", some other in the " ding dong and bossy class" and again some other in the "lazy and yelling class"..

sure no worries, u can take an option from another class :-) for instance my Mom Marie-Pierre!

she was in the ding dong bossy class and she took the option " hysteric and yelling" ..

SO she forced me to dress like a ding dong boi with bernuda and sandals damnnn .. u see bree vandercamp? a bit the same but just more frenchy ...then no reasons of my homosexuality !

when i was a child she did the lecture in my sis and i bedroom.. la comtesse de Ségur !! damn the faults of Sophie !! again and again and again .. and sure she read the whole collection ..

actually i'm sure every mom go to that school to learn how to give a good trauma to ther children..and this is surely the only way for them to escape the brain's jail where they are all, because of their own childhood's trauma !!

 sure when u're a bit older, the words change, she tends to say that she is paying everything that i'm not the king of slovaquie ( hell is this the third world? lol) 

that i go in holidays, go to university, have fun and never pay nothing cause i dont even work the summer ! heyyy have u seen my schedule during the year?? i cant work !! i'm human ! and during the summer well i've tried :-) but as u know i dont have my driver licence ( ok ok ) and it seems than being a political sciences student is not the best option to be a waiter ..

ok we do love our Moms..but do they need to yell every 2mins "do it " and yes" dont forget it",and also" ohhh while u 're over there can take it , it and that?" BLABLABLA..

and the option" oh mom i wanna go to live abroad" she does answer " why do u wanna abandonne me" what? !! what can i answer to that? but in my situation she just think that if i wanna leave ok but i have to pay everything !! damn is she crazy??

EXCEPT, cause there is always an except( thats like the "but", if she lives ( like in july or august in new caledonia) she will pay everything ..

is that logical??  

maybe if we were raised by our dad, the world wld works much better !?! 


a Red Fish's Brain?


I Was reading another blog..when i got an idea..

well after 25scds this idea disapeared ( well it happens often so noooo worries mates :))

so i've checked and checked for months ( ok minutes but it was like months to me )

and this illumination came to my mind : i have a  red fish 's brain ..

cause sure sometimes i'm able to think .. but it never lasts..dunno why ..

thats like another explanation wld be that .. i tend to be soo joyful and optimistic !! do someone normal can be all day long?

i like to watch a movie 4478976453 times and i'm not even bored !! and i still laugh to the same jokes ..worst than a blond girl.. 

and worst i'm never tired.. thats like to be an energizer rabbit but just dumber..medium_chien-poisson-rouge-humour-animal.jpg

maybe i'm an human red fish.. except that the 24scds of the fish are my 24hours of life ..

damn can u imagine? this wld explain why i do like to study for my exam the day before,why i do live my life with intensity .. ( yes sure i dont do it cause i think i'm gonna taste a bus )..

so is it a bad thing to have a red fish's brain? whoknows? and maybe who cares? tomorrow i'll have forget the meaning comments u wld have tell me :-)



essai sur les raisons d'un soutien sans reserve

Redeker mort ou vivant ? Raisons d’un soutien sans réserve
par Catherine Kintzler
source : blog Mezetulle, http://www.mezetulle.net

De bonnes âmes et même des esprits distingués, devant la question du soutien à apporter à Robert Redeker,
aujourd’hui menacé de mort pour avoir écrit un article sur l'islam qui a déplu à certains, s’interrogent sur la
portée d’un soutien « sans réserve » et reculent devant ce qu’ils considèrent comme un forçage, une sorte de
chantage intellectuel. Ils soulèvent, à juste titre, un problème. Faut-il, au prétexte du soutien à un homme menacé
dans sa vie et sa liberté, faire taire toute critique quant au contenu du texte qui a valu un « contrat » sur sa tête ?
N’est-il pas pour le moins paradoxal de suspendre la critique pour pouvoir défendre l’esprit critique ? Il y aurait
même là une suspension pour motif moral : on arrête de discuter tant que R. Redeker est sous le coup de ces
menaces, ce qui revient à suspendre ce dont il se réclame précisément, la liberté d'opinion et de critique. Ce
scrupule souligne une sorte de cercle dans la position du « soutien sans réserve » : faire taire la critique pour que
la critique existe.

J’attire donc l’attention de ceux qui, comme moi, souscrivent à un « soutien sans réserve » : on ne peut le faire
que si on s’attache à briser ce cercle. Et pour briser ce cercle, il ne suffit pas de prononcer une maxime morale
« on ne tire pas sur un homme à terre », ou plutôt il faut établir que cette maxime est en l’occurrence un principe
rationnel, philosophique et politique et non un bon sentiment pouvant se retourner en bâillon.
Je tenterai de le faire en trois points.

Ne pas traiter un vivant comme s'il était mort

L'état de nature est effectivement une suspension de la pensée. Il est de fait aujourd’hui imposé à R. Redeker.
C'est insupportable (ce sur quoi tout le monde est d'accord et qui anime tous les soutiens, qu’ils soient ou non
sans réserve). On ajoutera à cela que c'est insupportable de continuer à l'exercer tout particulièrement pour s'en
prendre au contenu de son discours, auquel il n'a plus accès dans les conditions où il l'a proféré. L'espace critique
dont il a voulu jouir, et dont nous avons besoin pour lire son texte, est suspendu.
Or l’argument de la suspension de l’espace critique, ainsi présenté, est insuffisant. Il faut aller plus loin. Il faut
aller au-delà de ce qui peut apparaître comme une rhétorique morale.
Ce qui est insupportable me semble tenir plus précisément à la question du statut des auteurs dans cet espace
critique. Morts ou vivants ? ce n'est pas du tout la même chose. En effet, on ne peut se prévaloir en général de
l'exclusion d'un auteur de l'espace critique vivant pour dire « suspendons la critique puisqu'il ne peut pas
répondre », car à ce compte, les morts seraient au-dessus de toute critique. Il faut donc distinguer ici les morts et
les vivants. C'est pour les vivants que l'argument de l'absence et de la réduction au silence vaut pleinement.
Poursuivre la critique maintenant sur le contenu du texte de RR alors qu'il est tenu hors de l'espace critique
vivant, c'est le traiter comme s'il était mort, c'est écrire, en positif et en négatif, son oraison funèbre en le faisant
basculer dans l'espace critique que nous réservons aux morts. C'est une manière de le tuer, c’est une manière
d’obéir aux fanatiques islamistes.

Soutenir les musulmans laïques

La question devient alors politique : comment travailler à rétablir cet espace critique et à faire revenir Robert
Redeker dans le monde vivant de la discussion ?
L'objectif est de faire cesser les menaces, de faire lever l'appel au meurtre. Or à mon avis la seule stratégie
efficace, outre les soutiens sous forme de pétition, etc., c'est de favoriser une division publique et réfléchie au
sein des musulmans et des personnes de culture musulmane. C'est que les musulmans laïques et de façon
générale les personnes de culture musulmane attachées à la laïcité se lèvent et disent : « ça suffit, nous sommes
laïques, il n'y a pas à nos yeux de délit de blasphème, la critique contre l'islam est possible, y compris sous des
formes qui peuvent être perçues comme choquantes. » Je crois que cela seul est capable de faire reculer les
fascistes verts partout et les islamogauchistes ici.
Or à la lumière de cette analyse, le schéma « je soutiens, mais il n'aurait pas dû… ; je soutiens, bien qu’il dise
des âneries... » se retourne en soutien de ceux qui ne veulent pas cette division des musulmans et qui approuvent
les mesures de censure et d'autocensure qui progressent un peu partout dans le monde, et en soutien du
communautarisme en général. C'est pourquoi je pense que le soutien à Robert Redeker doit être « sans réserve »,
de même que le soutien aux caricaturistes devait être « sans réserve ». Ce « sans réserve » s'applique aussi à ce
qui peut être perçu comme « âneries », et qui est précisément la mesure de l'effectivité du droit de libre opinion,
c'est une condition de possibilité de l'espace critique en général, que nous devons travailler à restaurer.

Il faut souligner du reste que l'activité critique ne déclenche aucun tollé lorsqu'elle vise d'autres textes considérés
comme sacrés, comme la Bible. Serai-je visée par un contrat sur ma vie si je dis que Josué est un chef de guerre
féroce, que Jephté est un imbécile d’avoir promis un sacrifice à son dieu, et que le « sacrifice d’Abraham » est
l’indice d’une foi aveugle qui peut devenir dangereuse ? A-t-on vu un seul gauchiste bien-pensant jouer les
vertus outragées au sortir d'un film de Scorsese ? Bien au contraire, il manifestera contre l’intégrisme catholique
qui veut l’interdire ! Il semble qu'il y ait là deux poids et deux mesures : devant le fascisme brun on est très
ferme, mais le fascisme vert a droit à toutes les indulgences (« l'islam est la religion des pauvres »). C'est
l'essence même de l'islamogauchisme : antifasciste tant que le fascisme se présente sous sa couleur brune, mais
complice du fascisme vert.

L'antithétique des morts et des vivants et l'espace critique

Avec la question du fascisme vert soutenu par l'islamogauchisme on retrouve l'aspect philosophique soulevé tout
à l’heure : analyser le cercle « faire taire la critique pour que l'espace critique existe » mais aussi le cercle
symétrique « maintenir l'espace critique au risque de s'associer à un geste meurtrier » à la lumière de la question
« mort ou vivant ? » Comme je l’ai souligné, le maintien de l'espace critique pour viser le contenu du texte de
Robert Redeker, tant qu'il est en état de nature, consiste à le traiter comme un mort, alors qu'il est vivant. Mais la
réciproque mérite d'être examinée : car ceux qui menacent les vivants de mort pour délit d'opinion
symétriquement traitent les morts qui les dérangent comme des vivants en les tuant une seconde fois, en les
censurant, en brûlant leurs livres, en retirant leurs pièces de l'affiche des théâtres... Que ferions-nous si un décret
extrémiste interdisait ici la diffusion des textes de Voltaire, de Bayle, de Spinoza, de Nietzsche, etc. ? Nous
aurions le devoir de traiter ces auteurs morts comme s'ils étaient vivants et de soutenir tout ce qu'ils ont écrit et
fait « sans réserve », davantage : nous devrions soutenir tout ce qui peut s'écrire, y compris les âneries. Nous
devrions empêcher les autodafés quand bien même ils ne s’en prendraient qu’aux magazines people.

Alors ne laissons pas les fascistes verts et les islamogauchistes nous embarquer dans le brouillage de l'espace
critique, et ne nous laissons pas aller à traiter avec eux les vivants comme s'ils étaient morts. Car nous serions
bientôt obligés, contre eux mais comme eux, de traiter les morts comme s'ils étaient vivants: dans les deux cas ce
serait leur victoire, le moment de la pensée critique serait aboli.

« Ecrasons l’infâme ! »

ps: n'oubliez pas de signez la petition www.petitionredeker.info

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Nous ne sommes pas le Mardi 12 Octobre mais quand même

hihi ça c'est pour les initiés :-)

en effet, vous souvenez il ya 6 jours je passais, victorieusement la barre des 21 ans pour arriver en plein dans le 22 :-)

et bien une pensée me reconforte toujours :-)


hihi car oui j'ai souffert, mais devinez qui viens d'avoir 22 ans ? quiiiiii?? la lacheuse qui est partie mega loin parcequ'elle preferait la quequette a ma douce et tendre et intriguante et enfin plein de trucs, amitié !!

si si je désigne Nelly, COUPABLE levez vous !

voui la elle se leve,LEVEZ VOUS dis je !!!
du haut de son metre 20 ( et elle porte des buffalo pour l'occasion) l'assistance regarde Nel toute innocente, un battement de paupiere et certains hommes lui donnerai le bon dieu sans confession ..
TRAITRESSE !! et la elle se lance sur un debat genre politique economique en france et prestation sociale.. et la voui là mes amis vous comprenez que non, pardon, NON nel est contre la transpiration, clap clap NARTAA, mais aussi contre le racisme, les riches proprio, l'eglise catholique, les petites bites, britney spears, et le jambon :-) ( meme si tout ce mange dans le porc :-))
Donc voui je me souviens de la premiere fois qu'on a fété son anniversaire :-) lol d'ailleurs on a fété quasi tous nos anniversaires en meme temps alors qu'on deteste ça lol c'est PARFAITEMENT logique si si :-)
donc bon je reprend, bé voui vous me coupez moi apres je perds ma concentration !!, donc au lycée du 12 septembre au mardi 12 octobre elle nous disait " mardi 12 octobre anniversaire de nelly, moi quoi" enfin 98% du lycée le savait ou l'avait entendu au moins 15478456412 fois :-) donc depuis ce temps la, tous les 12 octobres sont pour moi des Mardi 12 octobre !!
un jour reservé pour ma petiote nelly ( et c'est a quiii les jouessss)
donc avec toute mon affection je te souhaite un tres ( merveilleux, fantastique, epoustouflant) Joyeux Anniversaire! ou comme on dit au vietnam : Chúc mừng sinh nhật em yêu ( bon anniversaire hunnie lol et ça se lit comme ça se prononce :-))


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