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No Halloween..n' i wont complain

u know my love for the american way of life .. yeah sure i do love the american ( its not always related to the am gvnmt) and i like their mind and culture ( and this soo damn sexy georgian accent) but the american way of life is good there not here..
when i came back to France, some years ago, i was scared of watching the french adopting halloween..
i do like La Toussaint.. wich is a bit the same .. dealing with the death.. but more serious .. and i like that idea to go in cemetary and think about all the beloved people..
i'm pretty glad that Halloween is not really adopted.. and each year i buy candies and i'm a real bitch with the pooor brainless children comin to ring me ( coz i'm brainless too but i'm a patriotic brainless)
so i try to explain then what is the toussaint,  fucked children they deserve to be kicked out of my balcony ..
no but heyyyyyyy !! we are in france we already have habits .. and i dont want of that commercial stuff..
i'm already shocked that the children have to write in this computer letters .. wich is a real shame to me..i like to see all the personnal handwriting..
No but i hate halloween...
so for the poor children who have tried to ask for candies ( i dont share my candiesss) i've tried to explain them what was la toussaint and guess what? they left without the candies !! try to give them culture and they do prefer to escape by asking candies to the old ladies ...
pfff stupid children.. fucked brains..

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