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Miss France is Miss Europe

 in 1948 the first miss Europe was already French..
Elodie Gossuin some years ago too ..
and this year Alexandra Rosenfeld.. 
this stupid west southern girlhas been elected yesterday in kiev for the election of Miss Europe,
she won against miss ukraine, the second dauphine is miss spain..
blablablabla the show was animated by jean pierre foucault ( yeeehhhh vive le 13 !!)
the Miss Europe is representating the values, the élégance and the beauty of the old continent..
damn are the european girls stupid? do they have to look wet chicken?
i'm pretty glad a french girl won...patriotismmm... OKK we still loose eurovision song contest but we often win the european miss election !! bitchesss!!
But then congrats to this ..girl..
oh and Miss World is from tchequeland
 tatan kucharova ...the show was in varsaw in poland..
again another blond chick..  

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