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Girls For Life

My gals...
DAMN I Love u so much ..élodie, nelly, kacha, jenn, aurélie, anna, megan, katja,wing chi,  julie, alice, sandra, jessica, krystin,Tina, Malin, laure-anne,flore,cheng,..
damn i'm so dependant on girls..i know i can admit it ..
since my childhood i still have been only with girls.. i'm interested only into them..i can count my bois in my two hands and i'm not able to count my gals..
what i wld like to speak about is when they fing a bf..
then u disapear of their life.. as if a penis can be as fine as me..
heyy i'm a penis !when their bf will let them and break up and will call them anytime cause he didnt know what he wanted , who's gonna be there? who will she need to keep him off her mind?? YAH THINK about it bitch !..
i just dont understand it.. i mean damn i lov emy gals i wld give my life for them !!
i love them cause they share the same mind as me, we can discuss about everything and they can understand me so easily.. damn
when they will be all married ..i'm gonna turn like an old gay man with 38 cats at home..snifff
because sure they wont be interested about being friend with a man not able to  have children to understand them in their future life..

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i do agree with u on the fact that gals are very important... my gals know it as well
but i don't agree with u when u say that ALL of them just let you down (i was gonna use the word dump lol... labsus mdr) when they have a bf!! you sure do mean more than a penis to her (at least let's hope!!)... they can find in a gay friend what they will NEVER EVER find in their BF (even if he's bi!!) and sure, they do spend less time with us when they have a bf coz little penis need to be looked after and taken care of (rotfl) but you just have to adapt yourself to their new life and make compromises... (bad word bad!!!) lol
maybe some of them are bitches who just look down upon you as a toyyy but then you've chosen the wrong one darling!!!
but gals are fun and gals are real friends to us (don't like the cliches but it is true for most of the gays i know lol... and i think it's really one of the features lol almost important as loving men loll)

Écrit par : Juju (alias navetouille) | 27/10/2006

Merci de m'avoir proposé ton aide pour ma bannière mais finalement j'ai réussi à la remettre (non sans mal !).

Écrit par : Lyly June | 27/10/2006

je t'en prie lyly :-)
juju: compromis?? jamaiiiiiis !!! et puis merde moi c leur mecs ki m'aiment pas !!!!

Écrit par : Brain's soup | 28/10/2006

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