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Why u shldnt vote for Sarko

to start, a little text about sarkozy, ( thank to marie for this)

Dans l'ouvrage d’Eric Branca et Arnaud Folch, Le mystère Villiers, on peut lire la confidence de Nicolas Sarkozy à Philippe de Villiers :
"Les deux hommes, qui se tutoient, n’ont jamais été intimes. Leur dernier déjeuner commun remonte à 1999, peu après les européennes où la liste Pasqua-Villiers avait devancé celle du duo Sarkozy-Madelin. Alors en pleine traversée du désert, le député-maire de Neuilly avait eu cette phrase, à l’adresse du Vendéen – qui n’est pas prêt de l’oublier : « Tu as de la chance, Philippe, toi tu aimes la France, son histoire, ses paysages. Moi, tout cela me laisse froid. Je ne m’intéresse qu’à l’avenir …"

 ( in this  book  u can read that sarko was saying to  philippe de villiers ( another political man) " ohh philippe u're lucky coz u, u love France, her ( yah france is a female lol) history, her landscapes.. me, all of that let me cold..i just care about the future..)medium_thumb_voterlepen.jpg

I can admit Sarko did and is doing some good stuff, when he speaks about the immigration, France is one of the only countries in the world to not select the immigrants ( can u imagine !!)

to give more power to the police .. ok why not

to say that the justice is too laxist and that we shld reform it( sure this is not new)..

but then to erase some gendarmeries to put police department in some cities ( and increase of twise the number of policemen) looks like a beginning of totalitarism..

and he is pro american !! damn pro american ?? when i'm sooo glad about what Chirac has done against Bush !! this stupid boi is pro american !! 

he would like to apply the uk economy to france, as if it was realistic !! i dont want to loose all what we won in centuries just because a guy is not able to find some french solution ..

then let me become more radical.. this guy is from the rich bourgeoisie of hungary.. he is ugly.. and he tries and seduced a lot of extremists.. how this is possible?? can u tell me??

what lepen was saying some years ago, is said by sarko right now.. i heard some people call sarko like " the light lepen" no surprise then..

the thing which tends to worry me the most is this kinda " fanatisme" of his supporters.. its sarko or nothing..as if they were sick or not able to think or to see the reality ..

and believe me i'm like a radical from the right !!and this man is scarying me.. its like saying what lepen say but just saying" im just direct, i just say what i see, what it has to be done,i'm not from the FN"..

this guy is not even french for me, what would become France with a guy not able to think like most of us?a guy able to not allow the freedom of speech of the majority.. 

actually i could write 15478584 pages about why u shld not vote for him .. 





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no way i'm entering this debate with u lol! done it too many times but i have a question
if people voting for mr sarkozy are "stupid" what r people voting for marie georgette mdrrrrrr ??
no seriously, let alone the fact that mrs royal could never in my eyes be president of any country (maybe liechstenstein... and even i'm not sure her shoulders wouldn't crumble under weight pfff), who would be in her gvt???????
yeah i'm stubborn

Écrit par : Juju (alias navetouille) | 27/10/2006

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